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Switch from Spreadsheets to SalezShark CRM Dubai

Adopting the SalezShark CRM Software
Dubai can be a Game Changer for Your Business

Spend those 24 hours wisely! Leverage modern technology and automate your biz processes with SalezShark CRM software Dubai to create quick results and gain a competitive edge. Time for an upgrade - don't stick with spreadsheets, take the leap forward that will fast-track growth & success in only one day!

Spreadsheets are great--until they aren't. SalezShark CRM Software in UAE offers an unbeatable way to understand your customers, track their needs and help you stay on top of every opportunity for improved sales! Get the insights that spreadsheets can’t give with a Dubai-based game changer: SalezShark's all-inclusive CRM software.


  • It takes time to look for the suitable file with the correct data.
  • Attachments such as invoices, letters, emails, quotations, etc. can’t be saved with contacts.
  • Files or data can be misplaced if saved locally.
  • Multiple users can’t access a single spreadsheet together at the same time unless it is uploaded on Google Drive.
  • Difficult to manage and analyze how data relates to each other.
  • Workflow is not clear.
  • Creating formulas and crunching numbers is a time-consuming and complicated process.
  • A risk involved where your co-workers can change the formula.

SalezShark CRM

  • Seamless access to data at any time & anywhere you wish.
  • Attachments can be easily linked to the right connections.
  • Data or files can be held on the cloud, i.e., much safer and faster.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously access any data and track what others are doing.
  • Data is easily liked automatically.
  • Workflows set-up can be quickly done for each deal or project.
  • Get an overview of your business operations with simple automatic statistics in no time.
  • No scope of errors due to automatic statistics with fixed fields.

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Make Marketing Magnetic

SalezShark is one of the CRM software companies in Dubai that helps businesses make their marketing magnetic. It helps them to entice buyers and generate curiosity among buyers to take an interest in buying products and services. SalezShark online CRM Dubai offers you a highly customized solution per your business and industry-specific requirements. It can automate the lengthy and tedious manual marketing tasks that enable you to pay more attention to prospecting your future customers. Best CRM software in Dubai exposes you to know your buyers’ needs and expectations by providing their buying preferences, behavior, trends, etc. Hence, your target audience's information enables you to design marketing campaigns that act as a magnet and attract relevant buyers. Let us explore how SalezShark makes your marketing magnetic.

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Track your Sales Effortlessly

SalezShark CRM software in UAE enables your sales agents to have the edge over the others in nurturing customer relationships through every sales stage. This cloud-based CRM enables your managers of a company to evaluate the performance of sales agents too. Its intuitive technology is devised to manage and streamline data for sales executives that offer them various project analysis reports enabling them to have a bird's eye view at any time to evaluate what's happening in the sales process. Let’s explore how SalezShark CRM software features help you track the sales effortlessly.



SalezShark offers you a unique feature to track sales effortlessly named Leaderboard. CRM software in Dubai offers you a pictorial view of all sales agents’ ranking based on the number of actual sales and sales tasks performed. It helps stay competitive by regularly viewing sales experts' performance, enhancing their productivity, and bringing transparency to sales executives. The leaderboard is beneficial for senior managers to analyze their sales executives and individual sales executives’ performance on a real-time basis that helps enable sales experts to achieve desired results against a time-bound target.

“35-50% of sales go to the company that
responds first.” - Source: Inside Sales



Dashboard is yet another helpful feature of SalezShark that makes tracking of sales simple. Various dashboards offered by SalezShark enable sales agents to analyze their sales progress reports that primarily include the key sales performance indicators such as graphs, charts, tables, etc. It helps sales experts get a bird's eye view of the sales numbers achieved or lost that help them stay updated with the sales process’s overall performance.

“Automated & enforced sales processes will generate 88% quota attainment.” Source: Velocify



The activity and task feature of the SalezShark CRM Companies in Dubai makes your sales tracking easy as it enables your sales agents to engage existing customers and promising leads via emails, phone calls, meetings, product demos, or any other channel. As the leads are registered in the SalezShark CRM system, the sales agent can start building relationships by executing various activities to turn the information into a paying customer. Once the task is completed, it is termed an Activity in SalezShark. So, any job like email, phone call, meeting, product demo, once gets satisfied by a sales agent, should be marked as “Completed” in the system to be termed as performed activity.

“71% of sales reps say they spend too much
time on data entry.” — Source: Toutapp

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