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Unite the power of seamless cloud telephony with cutting-edge CRM through the Ozonetel and SalezShark integration. Elevate your customer engagement by effortlessly managing calls, logging interactions, and gaining insights—all from a single platform.

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Key Benefits with Ozonetel & Salezshark Partnership

  • Effortless Dialing
  • Effortless Dialing

    Say goodbye to time-consuming dialing tasks. With SalezShark CRM, you can initiate calls with a single click! Whether you're reviewing your leads or contacts, simply click the call icon to start your conversation.

  • Strategic Sales Calls
  • Strategic Sales Calls

    Take control of your sales calls. Schedule calls in advance to proactively manage new leads, ensuring you reach out at the most opportune moments for both you and your contacts.

  • Never Miss a Beat
  • Never Miss a Beat

    In the midst of managing deals and tasks, it's easy to lose track of your call commitments. SalezShark CRM keeps you on point by allowing you to set call reminders and sending notifications for missed calls, so you never miss an important connection.

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Ozonetel Integration Features

  • Call Recording

    Call Recording

    Record and store calls for compliance, quality assurance, and training purposes. Retrieve and review recorded conversations directly from your CRM.

  •  Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Distribute incoming calls to the right agents or teams based on predefined rules, ensuring quicker and more efficient call handling.

  • Custom Reporting

    Custom Reporting

    Generate custom reports and dashboards to track call center KPIs and gain insights into agent performance and customer interactions.

  • Call Analytics

    Call Analytics

    Gain insights into call metrics such as call volume, call duration, response times, and more. Use this data to optimize call center performance and customer service.

  • Call Logging

    Call Logging

    Automatically log call details, including call duration, time, date, and participant information, within your CRM. This ensures that all call data is centralized and easily accessible.

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Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide

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Proven results with increased efficiency and productivity

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Continuous updates and support to ensure your success

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