SnapEngage and SalezShark
Join Forces for Unprecedented Success

SnapEngage and SalezShark have teamed up in an exciting partnership that promises to bring exceptional customer engagement and relationship management to businesses. With SnapEngage's live chat and customer engagement expertise complemented by SalezShark's powerful CRM and marketing automation capabilities, this collaboration opens the door to seamless, data-driven customer interactions, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.

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SnapEngage and SalezShark Join
                        Forces for Unprecedented Success

Key Benefits with SnapEngage & SalezShark Partnership

  • Enhanced Customer
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

    The partnership between SnapEngage and SalezShark offers a robust solution for businesses looking to boost customer engagement. With SnapEngage's live chat and customer support capabilities seamlessly integrated into the SalezShark CRM platform, businesses can provide real-time, personalized support to their customers. This enhanced engagement results in improved customer satisfaction and stronger, long-lasting relationships.

  • Efficient Lead Management
  • Efficient Lead Management

    SnapEngage's chat functionality not only serves as a tool for customer support but also acts as a powerful lead generation mechanism. By using proactive chat invitations and capturing lead information during interactions, businesses can effortlessly funnel these leads into the SalezShark CRM. This streamlines lead management, ensuring that no valuable prospect slips through the cracks and maximizing conversion opportunities.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    The partnership empowers businesses with valuable data. SnapEngage captures customer interactions, inquiries, and feedback, while SalezShark's CRM stores and organizes this information. This rich data source allows businesses to make data-driven decisions, understand customer preferences, and fine-tune marketing and sales strategies. It helps in tailoring offerings and improving overall business efficiency.

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SnapEngage Integration Features

  • CRM Integration

    CRM Integration

    SnapEngage seamlessly integrates with various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. This ensures that all customer interactions, chat logs, and contact details are automatically logged into your CRM, helping your sales and support teams stay organized and informed.

  • Ticketing System Integration

    Ticketing System Integration

    SnapEngage can be integrated with popular ticketing systems such as Zendesk and Freshdesk. This feature enables your support team to convert chat conversations into support tickets, ensuring that customer issues are efficiently addressed and tracked through a structured system.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration

    SnapEngage offers integration with social media platforms like Facebook Messenger. This feature enables you to engage with customers on their preferred social media channels, expanding your reach and making it easier for customers to connect with your brand.

  • E-commerce Integration

    E-commerce Integration

    If you run an e-commerce platform, SnapEngage can be integrated with e-commerce tools like Shopify or Magento. This integration allows you to provide real-time assistance to online shoppers, answer product inquiries, and even provide product recommendations, ultimately driving higher conversion rates.

  • Analytics Integration

    Analytics Integration

    By integrating with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel, SnapEngage allows you to track and measure the performance of your live chat sessions. You can gain insights into visitor behavior, conversion rates, and other key metrics to fine-tune your customer engagement strategies.

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