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What is Sales
Automation ?

The sales sector is very demanding. Your daily schedule includes rushing between meetings, making calls, writing emails, and responding to incoming texts. And when your list of prospects and clients expands, managing all of these activities gets even more difficult.

Sales automation enables sales teams to automate these time-consuming and manual tasks so they can concentrate on closing deals and other essential sales tasks.

Sales Automation vs Marketing Automation

Emails, social media, and other marketing campaigns are all made more efficient by marketing automation. When effectively implemented, marketing automation tracks and analyzes marketing activity to more thoroughly qualify leads before handing them off to specific sales representatives.

The actions involved in your sales process, such as bidding, completing deals, and client nurturing, are simplified by sales automation. By guaranteeing that genuine opportunities and quality leads don't get lost, it helps sales acceleration.

Despite having comparable properties, the two types of automation are used in distinct ways. You may require both marketing and sales automation software in order to boost your sales.

Sales Automation vs
                            Marketing Automation

How does the sales automation tool (CRM) work?

sales automation tool

Any effective sales automation strategy aims to consolidate all of your sales-related tasks into a single, all-inclusive solution. By doing so, you may complete those chores while also identifying any gaps in your existing method of operation and filling them to prevent losing out on promising opportunities.

Sales automation assists sales teams as whole, not just sales managers, in automating their workflow and expanding their pipeline. When compared to using separate apps for each process, this solution greatly simplify tasks including lead management, internal and external communication, data entry, sales forecasting, sales rep activity logs, and record production.

Here is how the integrated system may help salespeople all over the world by streamlining administrative processes, data input, outreach, and more.

Lead Automation Management

In the sales process, turning prospects into clients is a crucial stage. The sales automation tool has the ability to apply rules and filters that let sales representatives separate leads based on attributes like:

Purchase habits
The sales funnel's stage
Business touches
Available phone numbers

After segmenting them, sales automation software can organize them into tidy lists or "buckets" so that the most valuable leads (by lead scoring) can be identified, assigned to the right salespeople, and maximized for each prospect.

Automated Communication

You're not doing sales automation right if it doesn't include a communication component. You need to be able to communicate clearly, persuasively, and securely with team members and prospects for anything from customer-facing email marketing and campaigns to internal communications.

For instance, sales automation platform can assist you in increasing productivity with email automation that makes use of the service of your choice, such as Gmail. Or, we can assist you with integrating with commonly used programs like DocuSign, Intercom, or Zendesk. You can engage with consumers on your terms using email templates and scripts, but the software will keep track of every interaction.

Internal communication workflow efficiency is more of a concern? No issue. To help you chat with team members, create paper trails, and communicate more effectively overall, SalezShark sales automation software offers both manual and automatic email services.

Automated Communication
Automation of Data Entry

Automation of Data Entry

It is no secret that data entry can be a very time-consuming and laborious activity. Oh, and dull, did we say that? since that is also. Sales automation tool may automatically fill in specific sales data, which simplifies contact management and gives sales representatives daily time savings. You can now enter only the most crucial information and let the system handle the rest rather than manually entering every piece of information.

Forecasting Sales

Sales forecasting, which is the practice of predicting future sales, is crucial to the sales pipeline procedure. Companies forecast their short- and long-term performance using sales historical data as a baseline.

Of course, not everyone is equipped with an excellent forecasting tool, which is where sales automation platform comes in. You may boost your ROI, make wiser decisions, and keep your performance in check by entering your stats and analytics into the tool.

Forecasting Sales
Logging Activities Automatically

Logging Activities Automatically

Knowing where you're going alone won't get you very far; you also need to be aware of where you've been. Sales force automation software allows you to track sales emails, calls, and in-person visits in real time. You'll know exactly when to approach folks once you have a system that continuously collects real-time data since you'll know when they're most active.

Automated Record Creation and Research

Using sales automation can help you spend less time recording information and later searching for it. SalezShark’s best sales automation software allows teams to quickly add new data and profiles by scanning business cards or confirming newsletter opt-ins. Delete that particular time-consuming task from your life!

Sales automation CRM uses technology and tools to cut down on manual, repetitive operations that are part of the sales process. By automating processes, you may lighten the workload for your sellers, allowing them to devote more time to the crucial tasks that close deals and, ultimately, increase revenue.

Sales automation enables businesses to stay on top of trends, maintain competitive advantage, and cultivate client connections in a meaningful way.

Automated Record Creation
                                and Research

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Unveiling the Perks of Sales Automation

  • Increase output
  • Increase output

    Sales representatives are better able to concentrate on what they do best—sell—when you relieve them of the weight of menial jobs. Your sales team's efficiency and performance will increase thanks to sales automation, and you'll be able to close more deals.

  • saves time
  • It saves time

    Sales teams can save hours each week by automating time-consuming and low-value tasks like lead scoring, reminders, reporting, and scheduling. They can then utilize that time to develop deep relationships with potential customers.

  • Quicken your sales
  • Quicken your sales

    Your entire sales process will operate more effectively and purposefully thanks to automation. Salespeople can rely on sales automation software to present suitable sales collateral to prospects at the appropriate moment to advance them in their decision-making process.

  • Maintains accuracy of
                                    sales data
  • Maintains accuracy of sales data

    Your data will be consistent every time thanks to sales automation. To reduce the possibility of duplications or inconsistencies, your sales data must remain constant. These mistakes and discrepancies can be remedied using sales automation. Automating jobs reduces human error, which benefits your organization's overall efficiency and sales operations.

  • Improved contract
  • Improved contract management

    Deals go more smoothly with automation. You can keep track of every encounter, continue where your sales representatives left off, and maintain a seamless sales process by automating as much of it as possible. As a result, there won't be any dishonest sales representatives, oversights, or problems with customer care.

  • Concentrate on
                                    top-notch leads
  • Concentrate on top-notch leads

    The time-consuming chore of separating unsuitable leads from good prospects is taken on by sales automation. By doing this, sales teams only chase customers who truly need and are interested in the products or services being offered.

  • Improved interaction
                                    and cooperation
  • Improved interaction and cooperation

    It enables sales representatives to work together more productively. Salespeople can communicate with one other quickly and easily when everything is hosted in one location and accessible when needed. They gain from streamlined contact with their bosses when they need to report sales activities or urgent problems. Even more, enhanced collaboration enhances everyone's performance, allowing management to make more informed decisions in real-time and improving sales rep performance.

  • Reminders about upcoming tasks
  • Reminders about upcoming tasks

    The smooth operation of the sales process depends on keeping teams informed at all times. Instant alerts, notifications, and reminders are therefore important components of your sales automation. To keep team members informed of current changes or developments, use a solution that enables you to set up personalized reminders for them.

  • A simpler schedule
  • A simpler schedule

    Sales representatives never miss a meeting, call, or appointment thanks to sales automation. By automatically filling up the sales calendar, it helps you manage sales schedules by reducing downtime and inconvenient meetings.

  • Better news coverage
  • Better news coverage

    Reporting on sales can be challenging. However, with the use of CRMs, sellers can report to managers when automated. It will save you time not to have to manually prepare reports.

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4 Best Practices of Sales Automation in CRM

Spend money on the appropriate sales automation technologies

Select the automation tool(s) that best meet your needs once you've determined the sales processes and tasks you want to automate. Examine and contrast the features of the various sales automation software programs, and involve all relevant parties in your decision-making processes.

Consistently evaluate your automation

Proactivity vs. reactivity is key to the success of your sales process, and this also applies to your sales automation. It's important to periodically review your client and contact database. To prevent false emails and phone numbers from appearing in your forms, think about utilizing verification procedures. You'll be better prepared to stop by conducting periodic testing to spot any obstacles.

Refrain from feeling forced to automate everything

Businesses that overly automate procedures and rely too heavily on technology run the danger of failing. While some sales duties are better suited for automation, others profit from personalisation and human touch. The majority of sales teams have the most success when they learn to blend personalisation with automation in their sales process.

Educate your staff

You must adequately train your sales crew before using any good method. If done incorrectly, it could be challenging to get the desired automated impact. So that your sales people can utilize your sales automation software to its best potential, regular training about software and application changes should be planned.


How SalezShark can aid your efforts in sales automation?

Many sales teams are either not conscious that they aren't utilizing all the benefits of sales automation, or they are aware of the need for development and are prepared to move forward. By automating sales procedures, giving step-by-step instructions, and enabling sales people to become independent and more effective with their time, SalezShark breaks down the barriers that stand between your sales staff and their true productivity. SalezShark sales automation tool allows sales teams to convert manual user interactions like clicks, typing, and field selections into automated workflows, automating activities and workflow phases.

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