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Just creating marketing campaigns is not enough these days to grab opportunities. Irrespective of the size of your business small, medium, large, and irrespective of the industry vertical your business falls into; you should have powerful and intuitive marketing software that offers you insightful marketing campaign analytics. Here, the Connect+ marketing automation suite can help you to identify dynamic marketing trends & new sales opportunities.

SalezShark Connect+ marketing automation suite empowers you to create result-driven marketing campaigns. The campaign analytics provided by our marketing automation suite extract and analyze the marketing data of your clients and various campaigns which boost the performance of your marketing efforts in the right direction. Our marketing automation suite empowers you with AI (Artificial intelligence) enabled marketing analytics that help you to know your customers better, enhance the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and allow you to make smart data-driven marketing decisions easily.

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In-depth campaign data analysis

Connect+ marketing campaign analytics evaluates your marketing data visually. You can study this in-depth campaign data analysis through various auto-generated marketing campaign reports. It helps you to understand and keep a track of your key performance indicators (KPIs). You can share these in-depth campaign data analysis reports with your team members & senior marketing professionals to build result-driven marketing campaigns.


Monitor marketing trends across your company

Our marketing automation suite also helps you in understanding the pulse of your marketing trends. Through various auto-generated marketing reports, you can gauge the marketing trends and performance of your marketing campaigns in no time. It helps you to gauge what worked well in the past and what made any marketing campaign poor in performance. By understanding these trends you can compare your marketing efforts month on month.


Monitor key business metrics

SalezShark Connect+ marketing analytics helps you to keep a track of your key business metrics & makes your job easy in evaluating the hidden marketing opportunities. It enables you to make the most of your marketing data by making you understand the flow of your leads. It helps you to create a marketing funnel that displays your leads’ win/loss rates. Hence you can predict the number of leads that are sales-qualified and have the potential to turn into paying customers.


Analyze and track opportunities

SalezShark Connect+ marketing analytics helps you to analyze and track your opportunities. It helps you to identify the source, status, and ownership of your leads. You can analyze these opportunities and if the opportunity is good enough then it can be passed on to the sales team for lead conversion. By analyzing and tracking the opportunities the chances of passing bad leads to the sales team become negligible that not only helps in creating results-driven marketing campaigns but also boosts the business growth.


Make smart marketing decisions

Our marketing automation suite by offering its marketing analytics makes your job easy in understanding and tracking the complete marketing process that helps you to build robust marketing strategies in the future. It allows you to create and drive marketing campaigns smartly in the right direction, identify marketing trends quickly, predict outcomes, and leverage AI-based recommendations to make smart marketing decisions every time.

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  • Nurture leads

    Connect marketing automation suite enables you to nurture leads effectively. Generally, marketing professionals struggle in nurturing leads. As per the study conducted by B2B Technology Marketing Community, 61% of B2B marketing professionals struggle in generating high-quality leads. Undoubtedly, managing poor leads that fail to convert into paying customers can be frustrating, but such issues can be solved by implementing a powerful marketing automation suite like Connect+. It boosts the lead nurturing process and makes you nurture leads with relevant and useful information across multiple channels.

  • Get repeat businesses and customer loyalty

    SalezShark Connect+ marketing automation suite enables you to design customer experiences that fetch repeat business and loyal clientele. It leaves no stone unturned in making every customer interaction memorable by automating the entire marketing process. Our marketing automation suite helps you to draft and send professionally designed newsletters that generate curiosity among your customers to review your product and services with automated engagements.

  • Build marketing campaigns in no time

    Our marketing automation suite helps you to draft and send highly personalized mass emails in a few clicks. It empowers you to leverage its highly customizable and ready-made email templates that save a lot of your productive hours while drafting personalized email marketing campaigns. By sending such emails, you can display your products and services in front of your prospects effectively that meet their needs and expectations. Besides this, it also helps you to schedule follow-up emails that result in boosting customer engagement and improving sales.

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