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Are you ready to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts? Look no further! The integration of JustDial and SalezShark brings you a seamless experience that harnesses the potential of rich, real-time data to drive your business forward.

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Key Benefits with JustDial & SalezShark Partnership

  • Enhanced Lead
  • Enhanced Lead Generation

    Combining JustDial's extensive business directory with SalezShark's CRM capabilities result in more efficient lead generation processes. Users are able to access and import relevant business contacts directly into their CRM systems, streamlining the lead acquisition process.

  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Improved Data Accuracy

    Integrating business directory data with CRM software helps to maintain accurate and up-to-date contact information. This reduces errors and ensures that sales and marketing teams are working with the most current information.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Productivity

    Automation features in CRM software saves time and improves productivity. By integrating with JustDial's data, SalezShark offers automation options for lead scoring, follow-up reminders, and email marketing.

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JustDial Integration Features

  • Business Listings

    Business Listings

    Access to Justdial's extensive database of business listings, allowing users to search for and find information about local businesses, including contact details, addresses, and user reviews.

  • Location-Based Services

    Location-Based Services

    Utilize Justdial's location-based services to offer location-specific search results and suggestions, helping users find businesses and services near their current location.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Analytics and Reporting

    Utilize Justdial's analytics and reporting tools to gain insights into user behavior, search trends, and popular businesses, which can help you, optimize your platform's performance.

  • API Integration

    API Integration

    Leverage Justdial's API to access real-time data, ensuring that your platform always provides up-to-date information on local businesses.

  • Business Verification

    Business Verification

    Verify the authenticity of businesses listed on your platform by cross-referencing their information with Justdial's database, ensuring users get accurate and reliable data.

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Trusted businesses worldwide

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide

Proven results

Proven results with increased efficiency and productivity

Continuous updates

Continuous updates and support to ensure your success

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