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How to Start Email Marketing?

Most of the business faces a hard time in finding a way to start email marketing. Though email marketing is an old concept, however with advanced technology, multiple changes have taken place in email marketing strategies and to do it more effectively.

Email marketing service


Email Marketing Service Provider

If you are keen to start an effective email marketing campaign, then you must select the most appropriate email marketing service provider. It is the best way to leverage email marketing automation to deliver emails to large groups of contacts or subscribers effectively. Businesses can get a plethora of professional email templates and tools that help to enhance and manage the email list, and also various tracking features that generate various reports on email campaigns performance in the form of email’s open rate, click rate, and the number of people who subscribe and unsubscribe the emails.

Gather Contact


Gather Contacts

Most of the businesses have their contact database that can be used to start making an email list. You can start email marketing campaigns with your existing customers with whom your relationships are already established. You can introduce any offer or any new product or service of your company through an email marketing campaign. Even if you are a start-up company and don’t have a huge contact database, don’t need to worry. In your email marketing campaigns, you can keep an option to Sign-up for your products or services. Adding an online Sign-up form encourages your email viewers to fill them that eventually enrich your contact database.

Apart from this in the market, there are a few reputed database providers who can help you with the most relevant and accurate data as per your business needs. Buying a database from any data provider is also an option to gather contacts for your email marketing list. But always keep in mind that email marketing is not only an option to sell your products or services, but it is one of the most effective ways to build and nurture strong relationships with your leads and existing customers. It would be better if you send emails to the people who are genuinely interested in buying something similar to your business products and services. It will be sheer wastage of time if you are blasting out the emails to people who are least bothered about your products or services.

Add Contact


Add Contacts

To start with an email marketing campaign, the very first thing that you need to do is to open an account and then onwards add your gathered contacts in that email marketing account. There are various options to add contacts by importing the contacts from your existing spreadsheet or right from a Gmail or Outlook account. You can also segregate these contacts based on their buying preference and their geographic location and so on. This will help you to create more targeted email marketing campaigns as per customers’ specific interests.

Welcome Email


Welcome Email

As we know, the first impression is the last impression, so while crafting the welcome email of your business, you must not leave any stone unturned in making it most impactful. Your business emails should be highly engaging and must urge the leads and existing customers to buy from you. While setting up the welcome email, start writing with a warm greeting, give a brief overview of what they can expect from your products and services, and offer them a value proposition right away. Once the welcome email is crafted, send it to all your contacts.



Reusable Email Template

Email templates offer great help while crafting professional emails. You don’t need to be a designer; you can use beautifully-designed professional emails that look good on any device. From a wide variety of template, you can choose any as per your business needs. These email templates are highly customizable, so they can be reused as well. You must ensure that an email template you choose must look good on any device, the layout of an email template should be clean, eye-catching, and must deliver your message across fast. It is extremely important that your email template should be mobile-responsive.

As these email templates can be easily customized so you can also add your Business logo at the top of the email and linking the logo image back to your website’s homepage. You should also add your business’s signature colour and add email footer with your business name, contact details, and hyperlinks to your various social media platforms.



Craft Persuasive Messages

Crafting persuasive messages is the most challenging part for most of the businesses. Having a face-to-face conversation and writing the same in a message is a difficult part. But writing a message that is more based on a conversational tone delivers the essence of message fast. Let us look at how you can craft a persuasive message by keeping the following things in mind:

. What is your business offering? - Headline

. How will it help the user? - Message body

. What should they do to know more? - Call to action

Simply follow these three things while crafting a persuasive message, and surely it will generate your leads and existing customer’s interest in your products and services.



Impactful Subject Line

The subject line of your email creates a very first impression of your message. It is something that your subscribers see even before they open the email. The subject line of your email should be good enough that urges the subscriber to open it. Ideally, it should be crisp and snappy of around 40 characters. You can also catch the attention by asking a compelling question in the subject line that generates curiosity and hence increases the open rate of your email.



Test Before You Send

Humans are bound to make an error. So it is highly advisable to check the email in term of spelling and grammar mistakes before sending it. If you are doing it for the very first time then also recheck what if you missed on adding any important link. You can also send the prepared email first to your business staff to be double sure before sending it to leads and existing customers.



Send an Email at the Best Time

Timing plays a vital role while sending emails to clients and leads. It is one of the major factors that decide the success rate of your email campaign. Every client or lead is different, and the most appropriate time to send them email differs too. You must keep their geographic locations in mind and then decide what the most appropriate time to send emails is.