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Integrate Email Marketing with CRM gives you the right approach to connect with potential leads.

Email Marketing CRM
Email Marketing CRM

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the proven marketing techniques and a useful tool to communicate with the prospects that matter to the business. Email marketing CRM helps businesses to position products and services in front of the target audience effectively. It enables sales and marketing reps to fetch good sales and revenue. Email marketing also evolved with the pace of time. The arrival of marketing automation tools and advanced features has completely changed the dynamics of CRM software. Integrate Email Marketing with CRM marketing tools came out to be one of the most successful marketing strategies generating enhanced sales and better revenue for businesses nowadays.

Email Marketing CRM

CRM Integrated Email Marketing

Integrate Email Marketing with CRM eases the work of the sales and marketing team. With this integration, Email marketing makes the best use of CRM marketing tools to produce a more personalized, effective Email for prospects and existing customers. The sole purpose behind it is to stay connected with the leads and existing customers and to be at the top of their minds always. CRM with Email marketing at present is one of the effective ways to communicate with prospects and promote new products and services to existing customers. Introduction of Email marketing CRM software offers ample benefits & advantages to businesses in building relationships with prospects and also nurturing a strong relationship with existing customers.

Email Marketing CRM


In the market, today, to survive in the competition, Personalization is the key to business success. Email marketing CRM software offers a wide variety of customizable Email templates that helps the sales and marketing representatives to build personal connections with prospects and existing customers. Email marketing CRM software offers advanced analytics. The advanced analytics of the Email CRM free system enables sales and marketing professionals to track and nurture the leads in less time with a better outcome. These advanced analytics also give clear results of Email marketing campaigns performance in the form of Emails’ open rate, click rate, and the number of people who subscribe and unsubscribe the Emails.

Email Marketing CRM

Benefits of Free Email Marketing CRM

Email marketing CRM software combinely offers a unique strategy based on personalization by knowing the buyer’s buying preference in advance and then crafting the personalized Email that suits the individual buyer’s preference. In this manner, Email marketing CRM software allows for more accurate lead targeting. Sending personalized Emails to leads that directly apply to the requirements of each individual lead makes a massive difference and generates higher conversions. Let us look into a few facts proving that Email CRM free software is effective:

Let us look into a few facts proving that email marketing is effective!

Email Marketing CRM

Email marketing is action-oriented

We are living in the digital age of communication and have grown up using Emails. In our school days, we learned to manage the Emails we get, whether it is replying, forwarding, or clicking on them; each Email is going to incite some sort of action. As we know, an Email is an organic and efficient way to bring direct traffic to any website, which is a good practice to undertake when trying to establish a business, get traffic, and drive better sales. It is one of the useful marketing techniques generating better results immediately by keeping multiple calls to action in a single Email.

Email Marketing CRM

CRM integrated Email marketing is measurable

You get highly measurable and swift results after combining CRM with Email marketing, which is, most of the time, measurable. By saying the results are measurable means that with these results, you can track the open rate, click rate, and the number of people who subscribe to and unsubscribe from the Emails. Email CRM Free Software offers the same features of Email marketing that enable businesses to gauge, track, and monitor the results; it also enables businesses to learn even more valuable information about their prospects so they can have a better understanding of which to improve for future Email marketing strategies.

Email Marketing CRM

The popularity of smartphones

Most people today are connected through smartphones, and they use smartphones for many different activities throughout the day involving checking on Emails and maintaining communication and correspondence. It doesn’t matter people are traveling or waiting for a meeting to begin, or see some downtime, they have access to their smartphones so they can easily check their Emails while they are on the go. Checking Email is one of the most used daily activities on a Smartphone, which brings us to an average of approx. 90% of people use their smartphones to check their Emails.

Thus, Email marketing CRM software is not dead yet and is still a very feasible form of communication and marketing for businesses, and without it, businesses could be losing a substantial audience and lose out on some lucrative opportunities.

Email Marketing CRM

Personalization and segmentation are easier

Nowadays, Email marketing CRM software enables businesses to personalize business Emails based on the first and last names of the prospects. As per one random study, personalized Emails generate a 14% increase in CTR (Click through Rate) and a 10% increase in conversion. Also, personalized subject lines generate a 26% higher open rate. Free Email marketing software nowadays also tracks Buyer’s Journey. Businesses now can send relevant Emails as per the buyer’s requirement. The SalezShark CRM marketing tools enable businesses to offer the right product at the right time in front of the relevant buyer, which guarantees higher conversion rates and lower unsubscribe rates.

Its time for you to take one step forward by following the correct steps after integrating
email marketing with CRM?

How to get started with Email
Marketing CRM software?

Most business faces a hard time finding a way to start Email marketing. Though Email marketing is an old concept; however, with advanced technology, multiple changes have taken place in Email marketing CRM strategies to do it more effectively.