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Take your relationships with potential leads to the next level: bridge Email Marketing and CRM!

Email Marketing CRM
Email Marketing CRM

What is Email marketing?

Engage with your customers more effectively and cost-efficiently through email marketing! It's an ideal way to stay connected with them - whether it be in the form of personalized newsletters, new products or discounts, surveys, or content pieces. Build relationships & increase brand awareness while driving conversions - all this can be achieved by sending meaningful emails that truly resonate!

Email Marketing CRM

CRM Integrated Email Marketing

Email Marketing with CRM: Connect, Convert & Cultivate.

Strengthen relationships and stay top-of-mind with Email Marketing CRM. With the integration of your CRM marketing tools, enhance customer experiences through personalized Emails to prospects and current customers alike. Unlock endless possibilities for growth - use Email Marketing & CRM Software to communicate effectively with leads while boosting engagement & promoting new offerings!

Email Marketing CRM


Stand out in the market - personalize your way to success! Email marketing CRM gives you customizable templates so you can build a connection with prospects and clients. Plus, advanced analytics make tracking leads & nurturing campaigns easy and breezy. You can see precisely how Emails perform - thanks to open rates, click rates & more!

Email Marketing CRM

Benefits of Free Email Marketing CRM

  • - Personalized emails based on the buyer’s buying preference
  • - More accurate lead targeting
  • - Connects better with prospects and increases conversions

Why email marketing CRM is effective?

Email Marketing CRM

Email marketing is action-oriented

We grew up with Emails, learning to manage them no matter what their contents. In the digital age of communication, sending an Email has become a great way to quickly pull traffic and generate sales. It's simple: one email can contain multiple calls-to-action that will result in immediate positive benefits for any business!

Email Marketing CRM

CRM integrated Email marketing is measurable

By combining CRM and Email marketing, businesses can unlock the powerful potential of measurable and rapid results. With tracking facilities for open rate, click rate, subscribers & unsubscribes; plus further valuable insights on prospects - Email CRM Free Software keeps you always one step ahead in your email campaigns to maximize ROI.

Email Marketing CRM

The popularity of smartphones

As smartphones have come to dominate our lives, checking Emails on-the-go has become an essential part of virtually everyone's daily routine. Nearly 90% use their phones for this task alone, making email marketing CRM software a powerful and profitable tool that businesses can't afford to ignore - or risk losing out on valuable opportunities!

Email Marketing CRM

Personalization and segmentation are easier

With Email marketing CRM software, businesses can now make their Emails stand out by personalizing them with the first and last names of customers. This leads to a 14% higher Click through Rate & 10% increase in conversion rate - plus an impressive 26% greater open rate on personalized subject lines. Software like SalezShark even allows companies to tailor product offerings according customize buyer needs – helping ensure increased conversions & lower unsubscribe rates!

Ready to take your business one step further? Seamlessly integrate email and CRM for stellar results with the right steps!

How to get started with Email
Marketing CRM software?

Even though Email marketing is an old concept, it's been given a tech-savvy upgrade! Struggling businesses can now make the most of modern CRM strategies to supercharge their email promotions.