Smarter Real Estate Management

The partnership between 99acres, one of India's leading real estate portals, and SalezShark CRM, a prominent customer relationship management platform, promises to revolutionize the real estate industry. This collaboration offers real estate professionals a powerful tool to streamline their operations, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales. With seamless access to valuable customer data and property information, agents and developers can provide personalized and efficient services, ultimately benefiting both property seekers and sellers in the Indian real estate market.

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Smarter Real Estate Management

Key Benefits with 99acres & SalezShark Partnership

  • Streamlined Lead
  • Streamlined Lead Management

    Integration between 99acres and SalezShark CRM can provide real estate professionals with a seamless way to manage leads. Leads generated from 99acres listings, inquiries, or website visits can be automatically imported into the CRM system. This automation reduces manual data entry and ensures that all leads are captured and organized efficiently.

  • Enhanced Customer
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

    The integration can enable real estate agents to maintain a comprehensive database of their clients and prospects. This includes information about property preferences, budget constraints, past interactions, and communication history. Having this data readily accessible within SalezShark CRM can help agents personalize their communications and services, leading to improved client relationships and higher conversion rates.

  • Improved Communication
                                    and Follow-Up
  • Improved Communication and Follow-Up

    Effective communication and timely follow-up are crucial in the real estate industry. Integration between 99acres and SalezShark CRM can automate follow-up tasks, such as sending email reminders for property viewings, follow-up calls after inquiries, or updates on property listings matching a client's criteria. This ensures that leads do not go cold and that clients receive the attention they need, which can lead to higher client satisfaction and increased sales.

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99acres Integration Features

  • Property Listings Integration

    Property Listings Integration

    99acres allows property developers, real estate agents, and individuals to list their properties for sale or rent on the platform. Integration features would typically include APIs or tools to easily upload and manage property listings, including property details, photos, and pricing information.

  • Search and Filtering Integration

    Search and Filtering Integration

    Users could search for properties based on various criteria such as location, property type, budget, and amenities. Integration features would enable users to refine their searches effectively and receive real-time updates on new listings matching their preferences.

  • User Authentication and Account Management

    Communication and Notifications Integration

    Users often receive notifications about property updates, price changes, or responses to their inquiries. Integration features would involve communication tools like email notifications, SMS alerts, or even in-app messaging.

  • Map Integration

    Map Integration

    Integration with mapping services like Google Maps or custom mapping solutions could provide users with a visual representation of property locations. This helps users get a better understanding of the property's surroundings and proximity to important landmarks.

  • Virtual Tours and Multimedia Integration

    User Account Integration

    99acres typically offered users the ability to create accounts, save favourite listings, track property prices, and communicate with property sellers or agents. Integration features might involve user authentication and profile management.

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