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Leveraging the power of Marketing software Bangalore to drive marketing campaigns and other activities resulting in the elevation of the brand image is not a new concept anymore. Marketing software Bangalore automates and streamlines various day-to-day marketing tasks of your business right from lead capturing to lead nurturing resulting in the enhancement of lead-to-sale conversions. Marketing tools are far advanced now and harness the power of advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence that helps businesses understand their customers’ buying preferences, behavior, needs, and expectations. Hence, Marketing software Bangalore helps businesses connect with their prospects effectively and elevates the overall experience of prospects and existing clients.

Out of many marketing tools in Bangalore, you can trust SalezShark ConnectPlus Marketing software in Bangalore that helps in creating effective marketing campaigns driving more sales & revenue with a massive expansion in reach. SalezShark Connect+ Marketing software Bangalore empowers you to optimize the performance of your marketing process by offering you access to the most accurate and action-oriented sales-ready database, reducing marketing expenses and efforts needed in reaching the target audience with a larger impact.

Best Marketing Software in Bangalore

Why do you need the best Marketing Company in Bangalore?

Amplifying the cycle of lead-to-sale conversion is one of the primary objectives for any business. To achieve this objective, ConnectPlus acts as the best Marketing software in Bangalore that helps you to deliver appropriate product messaging to your prospects and existing clients. Best Marketing software Bangalore helps you by offering various ways to produce and promote the marketing content of products and services based on prospects’ needs & expectations. Hence, your product messaging gets delivered to prospects in a manner that acts as a solution and resonates with prospects' pain points, resulting in amplifying the cycle of lead-to-sale conversion and quick customer acquisitions.

Connect+ Marketing Company in Bangalore takes your marketing efforts far beyond simple email campaigns and enables you and your team to generate significant new revenue. It streamlines, automates, and measures your marketing activities and workflows so that brands like yours can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue in no time. It enables you to:

  • Draft marketing emails faster
  • Expand your reach to thousands of recipients with one email
  • Decrease the cost of sending bulk emails
  • Increase your website traffic

Capture leads from multiple
sources in no time

Say no to signing in on various portals to capture leads. Get all leads caught automatically from multiple sources like email marketing campaigns website, chat, and telephony simply by signing in on your ConnectPlus account. Help your team form a sales pipeline entailing the basic details of prospects to engage with interested prospects more and convert them into paying customers.

Create compelling email
marketing campaigns

Connect+ enables you to draft and send mass email marketing campaigns in a few clicks. marketing tools Bangalore helps you create email campaigns in no time by offering you highly customizable and ready-made email templates that save you time. Besides this, these email templates make your job easy to position your products and services in front your target audience effectively. You can also schedule follow-up emails using advanced email marketing techniques, facilitating you to fetch good sales & revenue.

Track marketing campaigns’

Track the performance of your marketing campaigns in a few clicks by getting access to real-time campaign analytics entailing detailed real-time reports on the best performing marketing campaigns.

Create a brilliant list of contacts for
effective email marketing

Connect+ enables you to create a wise list of email addresses from multiple sources and the integrated database of b2b contacts of various companies offering the most relevant contacts. This intelligent list management feature of Connect+ Marketing Company in Bangalore enables you to manage & update all the entries in the list. Besides this, it automatically manages the bounce & unsubscribe list & also provides insights on list performance.

Schedule marketing

By deploying the Connect+ marketing automation suite, you can organize marketing campaigns in a few clicks. Marketing Company in Bangalore helps you stay more organized while strategizing multiple marketing campaigns. You can plan your marketing calendar and schedule various email marketing campaigns for any particular date or event or according to the geographic location of the email list to achieve high open & click rates of emails.

Get a 360-degree view of your
prospects & clients

By deploying the Connect+ Marketing software Bangalore suite, and you can save vital details of prospects & existing clients in a few clicks, including name, email address, company name, sales stage, and action throughout your campaigns, and be assured of the behind-the-scenes sales management.

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Why Choose SalezShark Connect+

  • Connect+ offers world-class marketing features driving marketing campaigns effectively
  • It brings your multiple marketing teams together on a unified portal & keeps all information in one place
  • It empowers you with advanced marketing analytics that eases your job of formulating more innovative marketing strategies
  • It offers you highly customized Marketing software that resonates with your business & industry requirements
  • It offers a unique implementation and training approach ensuring excellent user adoption

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