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SalezShark Connect+ is powerful marketing automation software empowering you to optimize the performance of your marketing process by offering you an access to most accurate and action-oriented data-driven metrics, reducing marketing expenses and efforts required in reaching your target audience with a broader impact.

Features coming together like a
well-oiled machine

SalezShark Connect+ is constantly refining the customer experience by introducing advanced marketing automation features that work together like a well-oiled machine to save your time and provide desired marketing success.

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Contact Management

Contact management gives you a clear picture of your each contact entailing their vital information like name, email, location, industry, age, gender, etc. It offers you details of contacts describing how your contacts have interacted with your brand in the past, issues they have faced, etc. which enables you to draft and run personalized email marketing campaigns.

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Email Marketing

Reinvent your entire customer experience by not only automating your email marketing process but create compelling emails that resonate with the needs & expectations of your target audience. You don’t need to be a tech wizard, create thousands of personalized marketing campaigns with just drag-and-drop functionality.

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Pre-saved Templates

Be in constant touch with your prospects in their buying journey & nurture your relationship with them by getting access to a range of pre-saved email templates that are highly customizable & help in creating highly personalized emails that resonate with the pain points of your customers.

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Campaign 360° (Email Analytics)

In a few clicks gauge your marketing campaign performance by getting real-time updates. Analyze your email marketing campaign performance by tracking & downloading its list of active receivers & leverage its data-driven metrics helping you to know the open rate, click rate, drop rate, & bounce rate of emails.

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Integrated B2B database

Connect+ helps you in smart lead generation. Create a smart list of email addresses from the integrated b2b database of SalezShark entailing the most relevant contacts of various companies and executives. Hence be assured that your promotional emails are going to the right inboxes enhancing the effectiveness of the email marketing process.

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Smart List Management

Say no to the hassle of segmenting your contacts manually. Connect+ segments your contacts based on their demographics, buying behavior, preferences, etc. that helps you to create well-targeted and personalized emails. It also automatically manages the bounce & unsubscribe list & provides reports on its performance.

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Campaign Scheduler

Plan & organize multiple marketing activities in a few simple clicks by using Connect+ Campaign Scheduler. It enables you to plan your marketing calendar in advance & schedule your business marketing campaigns for specific dates or events based on different geographic locations to achieve high open & click rates.

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Make social media marketing effective

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms seeing an exponential increase in its active users. This exponential growth in active users can be referred to as endless opportunities to score for businesses. Businesses can use Facebook as an effective channel to create brand awareness and boost sales. Therefore, to market business products and services well on Facebook, Connect+ integration with Facebook offers businesses a clear-cut strategy to tap opportunities. Connect+ Facebook integration helps your business to:

  • Know your buyers' profiles by getting a deeper insight into the ways your potential buyers interact with your product on Facebook. This integration also provides your business with an opportunity to get access to data of your potential buyers' interaction on Facebook with your business.
  • Generate relevant leads by identifying which products are more liked by the users on your Facebook page. This helps you in refining your target market to identify leads and enables you to know which products and services are currently trending.
  • Save time and reduce the cost per lead as Connect+ Facebook integration automatically downloads all leads into your system. It optimizes your marketing campaigns across Facebook enabling you to manage and communicate with your potential buyers/ leads through your system.
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Why should you choose Connect+?


Create & send marketing campaigns in a few clicks. Amplify your sales process by leveraging the template builder or pre-designed templates that engage your customers in a personalized way.

A highly customized marketing automation software that resonates with your business & industry requirements; bringing your multiple marketing teams together on a unified portal & keeping all information in one place.



Connect with leads effectively by finding business emails of key decision makers from the integrated b2b database of SalezShark and create your ideal customer profile to support sales and marketing initiatives.


Be assured of your campaigns getting delivered in the right inbox and track the performance of marketing campaigns by leveraging the intelligent analytics of Connect+.


Experience a smooth onboarding by getting a unique implementation and training approach ensuring excellent user adoption.

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