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Know how to create email campaigns with Connect+

create email campaigns

Design emails like a pro

You can’t ignore the design of your emails when it comes to creating email campaigns effectively. Connect+ marketing automation suite offers you an easy way to create beautiful, responsive emails that drive results. In a few clicks with a drag & drop functionality, you can create email marketing templates that are not only beautiful but responsive too. So introduce Connect+ into your business to design emails like a pro and enhance your email marketing process.

create email campaigns

Customize your email campaigns

Connect+ marketing automation suite allows you to customize and create email marketing templates in a few clicks that saves your time. It offers various editing options right from visual designs to code, or a blend of both in your email campaigns. Say goodbye to rigid, time-consuming step-by-step wizards and create highly flexible email workflows. It also allows you to manage various email campaigns aspects such as target audience, A/B tests, and content.

create email campaigns

Get access to pre-built email templates

If you are running out of time and not in a mood to create email marketing templates from scratch, then in that case you can leverage the Connect+ pre-built email templates gallery. It gives you access to various responsive email templates that drive results. By using these responsive email templates you not only save time but also get your email marketing campaigns off the ground with a professional look in no time.

create email campaigns

Create beautiful HTML emails in a few clicks

Connect+ marketing automation suite offers you smooth drag & drop functionality to create beautiful HTML email templates in a few clicks. It enables you to create email marketing templates with a range of content module types. You can access and customize these HTML email templates every element to match your brand without breaking structural code.

create email campaigns

Get seamless experience

By using our marketing automation suite you can work seamlessly across marketing and transactional emails. Right from creating newsletters and automation to receipts and password resets; all can be done seamlessly with a familiar editing experience. It acts as a strong collaborator between marketers and developers. Hence, the Connect+ marketing automation suite enables you to deliver a consistent and trusted recipient experience.

create email campaigns

Create action-oriented email campaigns

Our marketing automation suite enables you to create action-oriented email campaigns that compel your email recipients to connect with you. It offers you email marketing templates that give you an option to place relevant CTAs (Call to action) in the email that makes your emails action-oriented. In the content of your email, you can place these CTAs strategically to get the attention of email recipients and connect with them instantly.

Know how to create an
email marketing campaign in no time

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create email campaigns

Schedule email marketing campaigns in advance

By deploying the Connect+ marketing automation suite you can schedule marketing campaigns in a few clicks. It enables you to stay more organized while formulating multiple email marketing campaigns. You can plan and populate your marketing calendar in advance and schedule multiple mass email marketing campaigns in advance for any particular date or event or according to the geographical location of the email list to fetch more open & click rates of emails.

create email campaigns

Track email campaigns performance

Track the performance of your email campaigns in a few clicks with Connect+. By leveraging the email campaign analytics and insights you can easily understand when to stop or reduce your sending emails to specific email recipients. These email campaign analytics enable you to understand your email recipients’ preferences and thus improve your email deliverability rate.

create email campaigns

Create highly responsive email campaigns

By saying highly responsive email campaigns means emails that can be viewed easily from mobile to desktop. Connect+ enables you to create highly responsive email designs and also the pre-built email templates of our marketing automation suite are completely tested to ensure that it looks perfect on any device. So it promises to provide a best-in-class experience for your email recipients.

create email campaigns

Manage email list

By introducing our marketing automation suite you can strengthen your customer connections with thoughtful, targeted outreach. It allows you to segment your email recipients list that helps you in sending targeted, personal messages that make customer engagement and deliverability better. Hence you can manage contacts confidently and with every contact in your email list, you have a chance to build a meaningful, two-way relationship.

create email campaigns

Create a smart email list

Connect+ marketing automation suite allows you to add and update contacts with streamlined CSV uploads. It helps you to create targeted manual and dynamic lists that help you to tailor your outreach. By creating a smart email list you can make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the right people at the right time. Hence it helps you to amplify your email campaign’s performance.

create email campaigns

Get access to marketing reports & dashboards in a few clicks

Connect+ eases your job in creating various marketing campaigns’ reports in a few clicks. It gives you access to multiple auto-generated marketing reports that save your time and you can present those reports to senior management. These reports are in the form of easy-to-understand graphs and pie charts that help you in delivering the marketing campaigns’ performance presentation effectively. All these reports are also segregated into different Dashboards that help you to view the overall marketing process performance at a glance.

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