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To market your products and services effectively in Chennai you should identify the issues and challenges of your target audience that help you in resonating with their pain points and based on that you can showcase your products and services as a solution. Most of the time it is a challenging task to create a marketing pitch that captures the attention of your target audience. And as the competition is rising exponentially in the marketing domain, you can’t afford to invest all your time in creating a product messaging. There are many day-to-day marketing tasks like lead capturing, lead nurturing, analyzing marketing performance, etc., that needs to be done simultaneously. During such times, Marketing Company in Chennai is essential for you to deploy powerful Marketing Software into your marketing process that improves the overall success ratio of their marketing campaigns.

One of the marketing domain studies stated the demand for Marketing Tools is expected to grow by $6.4 billion by 2024. Most brands nowadays deploy Marketing Software to run their marketing campaigns as it helps them to create personalized customer experiences. SalezShark Connect+ Marketing Company in Chennai is the powerful best Marketing Software Chennai that enables you to optimize the efficiency of the marketing process in no time and improve customer relationships. SalezShark Marketing Tools in Chennai help large enterprises connect with each of their customers in a highly personalized way and small and mid-sized enterprises to run multiple marketing campaigns successfully and manage their time efficiently.

How can SMEs run their marketing campaigns effectively using SalezShark?

Automate day-to-day marketing tasks

As the competition is rising exponentially in the marketing domain, and many marketing professionals work under pressure to do more with less. The pressure to generate more leads, grow more revenue, and close more leads into deals is over exhausting. Besides driving Marketing software Chennai back-to-back marketing campaigns, you also need to complete day-to-day marketing activities. However, by deploying SalezShark Marketing Tools in Chennai, you can sit back and relax as it Automates day-to-day marketing activities in a few clicks allowing you to focus more on building a relationship with leads and existing clients.

Create & automate buyers’ journeys that capture & convert leads

Our Marketing Software Chennai automatically captures information from multiple sources like websites, emails, blogs, etc., saves your time, and helps you nurture leads with personalized emails. By leveraging its powerful marketing automation, you can automate your complete buyers’ journey by enabling leads, assigning leads, scheduling appointments or demos, and following up with leads. Marketing Company in Chennai integrates various 3rd party applications you use to engage your prospects and existing clients. Hence, it becomes easy for you to capture and convert leads into deals effectively.

Get measurable results & actionable insights

SalezShark's best Marketing Software Chennai offers smart analytical insights that enable you to keep track and respond to unique customer behavior and take decisive actions by contemplating the same. A study states that marketing professionals who proactively leverage data-driven marketing are thrice more likely than laggards to report achieving a competitive advantage in driving customer engagement and gaining customer loyalty.

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How Connect+ Marketing software Chennai makes email marketing effective?

Marketing automation Chennai

Create email lists in a few clicks

Our Marketing Software in Chennai lets you import lists of contacts and their information into the system for email distribution in a few clicks. You can also add touches manually or automate this process, and email addresses get imported automatically by setting desired filters and parameters. Besides this, the new leads that submit your web are automatically added to your existing email lists, such as your newsletter distribution list, etc.

Marketing automation Chennai

Design professional emails

SalezShark Marketing Software Chennai offers you a range of highly customized and readymade email marketing templates. Marketing software Chennai helps you give your marketing emails an enticing visual appeal, professional look, and feel it needs. You can go through our multiple email marketing templates, choose the email template that fits your requirement, draft your message, and schedule the time to send. You can also customize these email templates with no programming experience.

Marketing automation Chennai

Targeted messages (Personalization)

By deploying Connect+ Marketing Tools, Chennai becomes a cakewalk to add a touch of personalization into your marketing emails by merging contact attributes into your messages. In a few clicks, you can fetch each email recipient’s respective name, geographic location, industry, and more into your emails for a personal touch that enhances your customer engagement. Even while sending mass email campaigns, you can personalize every email.

Marketing automation Chennai

Tracking email performance

Only driving multiple email marketing campaigns is not enough until you can analyze the effectiveness of those emails. To track the performance of your email marketing campaigns, you should have powerful Marketing Software in Chennai like Connect+ that makes this job easy. Marketing Tools Chennai offers you a complete performance review of emails by showcasing its open rate, click rate, bounce rate, etc.

Marketing automation Chennai

Automated engagement

By deploying Connect+ Marketing software Chennai you can also design and schedule automated responses to customers’ queries through emails sent when any question occurs. For example, you can create and schedule a welcome email that gets delivered automatically when any lead signs up for a product demo or trial via web forms. Hence, you can save time and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by doing so.

Marketing automation Chennai

Real-time alerts

SalezShark Marketing Software in Chennai also offers you some real-time alerts when any particular action is taken by a lead or existing client by clicking on the call-to-action button in your email. These real-time alerts can be seen in the form of on-screen pop-ups the moment any action occurs. Marketing software Chennai enables you to reach out and engage your leads and existing clients at just the right time.

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