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What is Mobile CRM?

The very first question that rushed into your mind by reading the title of the page is what is mobile CRM? CRM software that can be easily accessed on a mobile interface through its mobile app is called Mobile CRM. By accessing the CRM software through its mobile app you get the convenience to access your business data anytime from anywhere, through any mobile device with internet access. SalezShark mobile application for CRM software offers you similar ease of access that helps you to access your business data anytime from anywhere and stay connected to your colleagues remotely. Hence SalezShark CRM helps you to work remotely with high efficiency.

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Benefits of SalezShark mobile app CRM

If we talk about the benefits of using SalezShark CRM for mobile, then there are many benefits that can help businesses in enhancing their productivity and sales by leaps and bound in no time. By using the SalezShark CRM software for mobile you can stay connected to your work, colleagues, leads, and existing clients effortlessly. By leveraging this ease of access, you can solve the biggest challenges across all stages of the customer journey right from capturing leads to converting them into paying customers. This CRM app enables you to integrate leads’ information and insights under one unified platform coming from various sales channels like websites, landing pages, calls, and so on. Besides this, SalezShark CRM harnesses the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that helps you in knowing customers and eventually boosts business productivity, efficiency & predictability. SalezShark offers you a 360-degree view of your promising leads’ journey & converts them into deals in no time.

SalezShark CRM software for mobile simplifies your lead capturing in a few clicks. Most businesses waste a lot of their productive hours in capturing leads manually from multiple sales channels such as websites, landing pages, calls, social media platforms, and so on. This manual capturing of leads not only waste time but also increases the chances of missing out on good leads during the transition. However, by deploying SalezShark CRM, you can fix this issue by automating the entire process and after that, simply by signing into the SalezShark system, you can view all the leads captured from multiple portals and consolidate them into the SalezShark system that saves a lot of your time and also chances of missing out any kind of lead become zero.

SalezShark mobile app CRM helps you know your prospects and existing customers better. It offers you various intelligent insights that help you track the lead source. You can track the primary sources of your leads and can analyze what are the sources from which maximum or minimum leads generated. This analysis of lead source helps you strategize your future sales and marketing campaigns and result in capturing a good number of relevant leads. You can also track pages visited by leads, the forms filled by leads, etc. Besides this, this CRM also helps you in prioritizing your leads based on their quality. To make it simple every lead gets a score from the SalezShark system based on any rule or parameter set by you. Once leads enter the system, all of them get a score and this scoring system helps you to prioritize leads and close high score leads first and faster.

Turn leads into sales qualified leads

Only capturing leads takes your business nowhere until they convert into sales-qualified leads and finally into deals. But how does SalezShark CRM help you to do it? The only way you can turn any ordinary leads into sales qualified leads is by conforming that leads really want to buy from you and to do this effectively we take the help of email marketing. Through emails, you can educate leads and generate interest among them to know more about your products and services. Once they show interest in your email you get confirmation that your lead is a sales qualified lead now and can be transferred to sales executives for further process. To do this process effectively SalezShark CRM helps you to draft and send email marketing campaigns in no time. It offers you a wide range of pre-built email templates that are highly customizable. Also, these email templates offer you an option to add a CTA (Call to Action) button in your email that makes your emails interactive and compels email recipients (leads) to click on it and know more about your products and services. Besides this, by using this system you can also schedule email campaigns in advance based on any event, date, holiday, and so on.


Turn sales qualified leads into deals

Once you get the confirmation that your leads are sales qualified you should instantly start building relationships with them to enhance the number of lead conversions. To simplify this process you can use SalezShark CRM’s visual sales funnel. The visual sales funnel feature helps you to organize all your leads by arranging them into it. By simple drag and drop functionality, you can place and move leads into the visual sales funnel. Based on their chances of turning into customers you can move them top to bottom into the funnel. This movement of leads into the funnel helps you to track the status of all leads in one go and you can also prioritize leads based on their chances of conversion. You can focus first on leads with higher chances of conversion and the rest of the leads later. Not only this even your senior sales professionals can make the most out of it by analyzing the sales funnel that helps in forecasting sales, calculating expected revenue and sales figures.


Make your sales, marketing, & reporting better

SalezShark CRM software for mobile helps you analyze every sales opportunity effectively by automating the entire lead management cycle right from lead capturing to lead nurturing and lead conversion. It also empowers you with a customer 360-degree view describing the customer journey that helps you gauge various sales stages and convert leads into deals based on that. Besides this, it also enables you to forecast sales accurately by making the most of the visual sales funnel feature.

In your business sales plays a vital role however at the same time you can’t ignore the significance of marketing. Your marketing team is responsible for lead generation, lead nurturing, and converting that lead into a sales-qualified lead. To make the job of your marketing team easy in driving all these processes, empower them with SalezShark CRM. By using this software they can nurture leads effectively and make their marketing campaigns magnetic. The wide range of pre-built and highly customised email templates help you in drafting multiple emails and enable you to personalize every email by addressing each email recipient with his/her first name. The email automation of this software is not only helpful for the marketing team but also helps sales executives in building strong and seamless communication with prospects through follow-up emails. They can create and schedule follow-up emails in advance for better reach. Also, they can set reminders into the system to give calls and product demos to leads.

SalezShark mobile app CRM comes with an integrated telephony system that makes your job easy in dialing calls to leads directly from the system which saves your time by avoiding the hassle of dialing calls manually. It also keeps a record of all dialed calls automatically into the system which improves the traceability of your calls. Besides this, SalezShark CRM also makes reporting easy by offering an advanced reporting system. It automates the entire reporting process and automatically generates sales and marketing performance reports on a real-time basis. These auto-generated reports make your job easy in tracking the overall performance of your business as these reports are easy to understand and can be viewed and presented to seniors in the form of graphs, statistics, and a pie chart. So besides reporting it also improves your presentations.

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Why choose Salezshark Mobile CRM

SalezShark CRM comes with the liberty of using it anytime from anywhere through any mobile device with internet access. It provides a highly responsive user interface that can be easily accessed not only on mobiles but also on desktops and laptops. Apart from this, due to the convenience of using it anytime from any mobile device, you not only keep a track of your work and client data but also keep in regular touch with your team members, seniors, and subordinates. You can also leverage its CRM analytics to analyze the performance of your sales and marketing campaigns remotely. You can gauge the performance of your email marketing campaigns by describing emails’ click rate, open rate, no. of subscribers, and so on. SalezShark doesn’t come with a bundle pack of multiple unnecessary programs installed resulting in very expensive software. SalezShark CRM software is highly affordable and can be easily adjusted as per your restricted budget. SalezShark offers you the full support of CRM experts at every stage of its implementation into your business process. Its user-friendly interface comes with a minimal learning curve. By going through our product tutorials and training sessions your onboarding gets smoother. With SalezShark you can be rest assured of the safety of your data as we keep it highly secured by IP restrictions, single sign-on, identity, & access management.

So if you are planning to move your business to mobile screens then the SalezShark CRM app for mobile is the best choice. It helps you in a lot of ways as we discussed above and we are sure by using SalezShark CRM for mobile you and your employees can experience a huge jump in productivity and sales. By leveraging its highly user-friendly interface it can be used easily by any employee of your organization. Its easy accessibility helps you to log into your work anytime from anywhere through any smartphone. Hence working remotely gets possible with SalezShark which enhances productivity and sales effectively.

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