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Irrespective of the size of your organization small, medium, large, or industry vertical, deploying powerful and intuitive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software integrated with data-driven analytics capabilities has become a basic need to identify dynamic marketing trends & new sales opportunities. You just can’t rely on the traditional functionalities of CRM software to match the pace of ever-evolving sales and marketing dynamics.

To provide an excellent customer experience, you need advanced software like SalezShark customer relationship management analytics that extract and analyze data of your customers and various campaigns which help in growing your business in the right direction. Its analytics discover the story your data has to tell. It empowers you with actionable intelligent insights and AI (Artificial intelligence) driven analytics that help you to understand your customers better, improve the efficacy of your sales & marketing campaigns and help you make smart data-driven decisions easily.

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CRM analytics

CRM data analysis in-depth

SalezShark customer relationship management analytics analyzes your CRM data visually. It offers various auto-generated insightful reports and dashboards to track your key sales performance indicators (KPIs). You can share this in-depth CRM data analysis with your colleagues and senior management to build robust business strategies.

CRM analytics

Monitor sales trends across your company

SalezShark CRM data analysis helps you in the creation of sales reports which are also auto-generated and can be customized. These sales reports help you to compare your sales efforts month on month. It also makes your job easy to predict the expected close date for deals. Hence the AI-powered SalezShark CRM analyzes sales activities and trends over the past week/month.

CRM analytics

Track end-to-end sales pipeline tracking

By leveraging SalezShark CRM analytics you can track the sales pipeline end-to-end in a few clicks. You can track all sorts of sales activities and the numbers of leads at every stage of your sales pipeline. It helps you to create a strong virtual sales funnel and understand significant drop or rise in your sales pipeline that improves lead conversion and the overall efficiency of your sales process.

CRM analytics

Track key business metrics

SalezShark CRM analytics track your key business metrics & analyze the data goldmine hidden in your SalezShark CRM. It lets you utilize CRM data the way you like. It helps you understand your visual sales funnel by displaying your leads’ win/loss rates. Hence you can do sales predictions; gauge sales team performance & track KPIs easily.

CRM analytics

Analyze & track leads

The analytics provided by SalezShark CRM software analyze and track your leads by source, status, and ownership. It helps you understand your lead conversion rates; identify where the potential leads churn the most and gauge the overall efficiency of your sales pipeline.

CRM analytics

Make right decisions every time

SalezShark CRM analytics help you understand your business processes easily and enable you to formulate better sales and marketing strategies in the future. It enables you to work smartly in the right direction, identify sales & marketing trends faster, predict outcomes, and get AI-based recommendations to make the right decisions every time.

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Pre-built visualizations

SalezShark CRM sales analytics enable you to access multiple pre-built and highly customizable sales reports and dashboards that help you understand your overall sales performance in a few clicks.

Sales forecasting

CRM sales analytics of SalezShark make the process of sales forecasting more accurate that helps you to make informed decisions entailing the management of cash flow, workforce, and resources.

Collaborative analytics

By leveraging SalezShark CRM sales analytics you can create & analyze various sales reports together in collaboration with your marketing team. It helps you to share and embed your visualizations for wider consumption.

Email, export, and print reports

SalezShark CRM data analysis reports are easy to understand and are mostly in the form of pie charts, graphs, etc., which can be easily printed, shared, and exported.

Sales rep analysis

SalezShark CRM sales analytics helps you to analyze the performance of your sales agents. It offers you a feature of Leaderboard that displays the performance of each sales reps., that brings motivation among your sales team and work transparency too.

Why You Should Choose SalezShark CRM

  • A powerful & intuitive CRM software that is easy to set up; offering easy to understand and user-friendly interface with a minimal learning curve.
  • Highly affordable CRM software that can be customized based on your business requirements preventing you from paying for unnecessary programs your business won’t use.
  • Provides bulletproof security keeping your data completely safe and highly secured by IP restrictions, single sign-on identity, and access management.
  • Offers web cloud-based CRM that is easy to access anytime from anywhere through any mobile device via the internet. This means you can edit and upload data on the go without any hassle of data management and storage issues. Ensures smooth on boarding and high end-user adoption by offering multiple live tutorials/training and personalized product demos.
  • Get unmatched technical and non-technical support from the dedicated team of SalezShark CRM experts in case of any technical and non-technical issues.
CRM analytics

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