3 Lead Generation Strategies for Every Business -SalezShark

Written By Yousuf Hasan

Published on March 14, 2023

Businesses are constantly looking for methods to increase lead generation through web-based CRM solutions at a reasonable cost to maintain growth. Although it can be an effective method to increase sales, advertising is also often quite costly. This list of three efficient methods to generate leads without spending a lot was created.

1. Free Trials

Free trials for a lead-management-software have the potential to increase conversion rates while lowering purchase costs. Additionally, a free trial is especially appropriate given that a technology-based company is mainly digital. Customers can determine whether the good or service meets their requirements by signing up for a free trial. This enables companies to give users a hands-on experience and earn their confidence, which may result in higher conversion rates.

When providing a free trial, keeping the trial’s duration in mind is essential. Customers will find the trial inadequate or inconvenient if it is too brief. The user may want to purchase the product if the trial time is shorter. Choosing the appropriate trial period is critical, in case of something like a B2B Lead Management Software, or a contact management Software primarily depending on the kind of good or service offered.

2. Landing Pages

A landing page is a narrowly concentrated, independent website that invites visitors to take a particular action. A link leading to a landing page sold should be present if a special offer is intended only for that group. Another option is to create a landing page with a form for a free trial or a lead-generation form through web-based CRM solutions.

It’s crucial that the landing page has a distinct goal of presenting an offer or information and is concise and easy to understand. Additionally, the landing page must be mobile-optimized and user-friendly, with pertinent design and information. Viewers frequently form favorable opinions of landing pages that are clearly defined and simple to reach on computers and mobile devices.

If a landing page is designed to collect information via a form, think about the details you’re requesting. You can ask the leaders how they discovered the company in addition to getting their names and contact details. Knowing the name of the business and the lead’s position in the company directory database, which is accessing the landing page, is also crucial for a B2B firm. When creating the form, it’s crucial to remember not to include too many pointless inquiries. A lead may decide not to fill out the form at all because of this!

3. Referral Programs

Referral programs are an economical way to get new prospects. Because it involves the leader’s confidence in the referrer, this lead generation method has a more significant effect. Long-term users are more likely to transition from leads to customers if they hear about the good or service from someone they know.

Even current clients benefit from referral programs because they are compensated for their recommendations. Thus, recommendation programs serve as a means of motivating satisfied clients to recommend the company to others. To gain more traction, some programs even incentivize people who recommend others.

Customers should find it easy to use and comprehend the optimal referral program. The more complicated the program will generate, the fewer recommendations for the company. Giving customers a unique promo code or link they can share and use to monitor referral sources is possible. The program can be more engaging by including levels or bonus payouts for reaching a specific threshold of referrals. Customers may remain more involved as a result of the excitement this creates.


Implement your preferred one of these top 3 lead generation techniques immediately to see qualified leads stream in. If you need help with what to do with the leads you have in your CRM Software Online, find out more about building a marketing funnel with SalezShark that will quickly convert them into devoted clients through the best CRM solutions for small Business.