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SalezShark Lead Management Software U.S.A

Driving sales is the most crucial aspect of your business that majorly involves capturing relevant leads, nurturing them carefully, and finally turning them into paying customers. To drive these processes seamlessly you can’t rely on driving them manually as it often leads to wastage of time and calls for multiple human-bound errors. So, to drive the entire sales and especially the lead management cycle seamlessly, you need to introduce the power of automation into your business. SalezShark lead management software U.S.A offers you powerful & intuitive AI (Artificial Intelligence) based automation that automates and drives your entire lead management cycle without putting in much effort and saves a lot of productive hours.

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What is SalezShark
lead management system U.S.A?

Irrespective of the size of your organization – small mid-size, or large; time and resource management play a vital role in driving sales and ensuring your sales and marketing campaigns’ success or failure. In such a scenario you can’t afford to waste your time, money, and resources by driving your lead management cycle manually. Not only this, but it also invites a lot of human-bound errors that eventually stain your brand image. So in such a situation, it would be considered as a wise step to deploy SalezShark lead management software U.S.A. that automates the entire lead management cycle and enhances the overall productivity of your business. SalezShark’s powerful and intuitive AI (Artificial Intelligence) based automation helps you to create automated workflows for all the stages of the lead management cycle that majorly involves lead generation, lead nurturing and finally lead conversion. Hence, by leveraging SalezShark automation features you can definitely your lead management cycle to be driven in a manner that enhances lead conversion resulting in a good number of sales and revenue generation.

SalezShark’s automation helps you automate every aspect of the lead management cycle right from lead capturing, to lead scoring and lead tracking; lead distribution among sales executives to lead nurturing and lead conversion. But, if you think you can drive the entire lead management process manually then it can be a herculean task that will result only in time, money, and resource wastage resulting in a huge dip in sales and revenue generation. Besides all of this, manually organizing leads into the system is also a challenging task that often leads to the falling of leads through cracks. So, why take risk of losing any good lead? Start leveraging SalezShark’s unified platform to perform all sorts of activities on leads and keep them organized that helps you to and track them and convert them swiftly into paying customers.

Capture leads in a few clicks

The way of capturing leads has been evolved with time. These days with the existence of multiple sales channels, leads are generated from multiple sources and obviously captured too. In such a scenario if you start capturing leads manually by signing in on multiple portals individually and then importing them into the system manually, will only result in wastage of time, and chances of losing leads also increase. So why take any risk of losing good leads? Deploy SalezShark lead management system into your business and automate the lead capturing process completely. SalezShark’s powerful automation automatically captures leads from multiple sources and imports them into its unified platform where you just need to sign in once and in a few clicks, you can view all the captured leads and start working on those leads swiftly. By doing so you save time and also the chances of losing good leads become zero.


Track leads effectively

The success ratio of your lead conversion directly depends on the kind of interactions you made with them. To make your lead interactions positive and lead to high conversions, you must leave no stone unturned in knowing your leads first properly. You should know their buying behavior, preferences, and pain points. Here SalezShark’s powerful and intuitive AI (Artificial Intelligence) based automation makes your job easy to know your leads better by offering you insights on your ideal target audience/leads’ buying behavior, preferences, and pain points. By leveraging these insights you can pitch your products and services as an ideal solution to their issues. It also helps you in tracking lead activities such as pages visited by leads or any interactions made with leads in the past. Hence by keeping a track of leads you can build more personalized relationships with leads that enhance lead nurturing and ensure a good number of lead conversions.


Automate lead scoring & distribution

It has been generally observed that in many businesses marketing professionals without analyzing the leads transfer them to sales executives that create a lot of chaos and sales professional end up wasting a lot of their productive hours in pitching the products and services to those people who are not interested in buying. However, by deploying the SalezShark lead management system you can get rid of this chaotic situation. SalezShark helps you in analyzing leads and gives a score to every lead that enters your system. Here what you need to do is simply set any rule or parameter into the system that decoded which lead is good to go and which one is not. You can set the lead scoring rule and after that whenever any lead enters into the system it gets a score automatically. This feature of lead scoring helps your marketing professionals to understand the leads’ quality and also sales professionals can also first work on those leads that have high scores and the rest of the leads later with a lower score.

Once your leads get scores they can be also be distributed and assigned to sales executives automatically. In the SalezShark system, you can set any parameter or rule for lead distribution and lead assigning. Once the rule is set by you, then onwards whenever leads enter into the system they get automatically distributed among sales executives and assigned to individual sales executives based on executives’ caliber and perfection of handling leads. Hence by automating the lead distribution and lead assigning you can be rest assured that none of the good leads fall through the cracks while lead distribution and all qualified leads can be attended by the most relevant sales executives that enhance the chances of lead conversion.

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Nurture & convert leads effectively

Many sales professionals often fail when it comes to nurturing leads effectively. The reason behind poor lead nurturing is nothing but a lack of knowledge about leads’ buying behavior, preferences, and pain points. However, by introducing SalezShark lead management software into your business; you can make lead nurturing better and effective. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) based automation of SalezShark offers some intelligent insights on your prospects’ buying behavior, preferences and pain points. These intelligent insights on your prospects help you to know more about them and based on that you can easily nurture leads and offer your products and services in a manner that acts as a solution to their issues and pain points.

Lead nurturing also requires you to be in regular touch with your leads and that is only possible through robust follow-ups. Mostly, follow-ups are done through emails and calls. SalezShark helps you in automating your follow-ups too. Helps you to create and send multiple follow-up emails in a few clicks. By leveraging SalezShark’s email template gallery you can choose a pre-built email template and create emails in a few clicks. You can also schedule follow-up emails in advance and send them to prospects at the right time enhancing the open rate and click rate of follow-up emails.

Now, last but not least, the most crucial aspect of the lead management cycle is lead conversion. Our lead management system helps you in enhancing lead conversions by offering you an option to create a visual sales funnel into the system. By doing so, you can keep all your leads organized into the funnel based on their chances of conversion from top to bottom. As the lead progresses towards turning into a paying customer, it can be moved down into the sales funnel. The drag and drop functionality makes this job easy and also gives you a bird’s eye view of all leads in one go and you can easily prioritize leads. By prioritizing leads you can focus first on leads with higher chances of conversion and the rest of the leads with lower chances later. Not only this but by using sales funnel, senior sales managers can also easily evaluate the no. of sales expected and revenue generation in the near future which means better and accurate sales forecasting.

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