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SalezShark customer relationship management web-based software is one of the latest technologies that help brands in reinventing the way of driving sales and marketing effortlessly. Our cloud CRM software CRM is limited to large enterprises, but SalezShark also offers a free web based CRM for small businesses. Customer relationship management web based CRM Solutions harness the power of multiple advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning, making your sales and marketing process a breeze. Our CRM eases the job of sales and marketing agents in acquiring the leads, nurturing them, and turning them into paying clients in no time. It automates the sales and marketing manual tasks that help brands to focus more on lead nurturing and lead conversions. The data-driven intelligent insights on the buyers' buying behavior and trends provided by SalezShark CRM enable your sales and marketing professionals to create and run effective sales and marketing campaigns that resonate with buyers' needs, expectations, and pain points which eventually improves the sales and marketing efforts.

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Capture leads effectively

Say no to manually identifying and capturing the leads. Leverage the power of SalezShark automation by automating Automate your lead capturing process that enables you to capture leads from multiple sources like websites, social media portals, etc.

Distribute & Assign Leads

Manually distributing and assigning the leads to individual agents is tedious and time-consuming. Make it simple with SalezShark CRM; spread and automatically assign the leads to sales reps. Free Web based CRM Solutions on any logic or parameter that you set.

Nurture Leads Efficiently

Educating your leads regarding your products is essential for the nurturing process. Make it easy with SalezShark web based sales software as it helps you in creating & running highly personalized email marketing campaigns that resonate with the needs of leads.

Keep a Track of Leads

Use SalezShark CRM web based application to automate the process of lead tracking. It helps keep track of all activities (chat, calls, emails, demos, etc.) performed with captured leads. It also helps in knowing the number of pages lead visited, the forms filled by leads, & so on.

Score Your Leads

Lead scoring is an essential part of your lead management process that helps your sales agents prioritize their leads. SalezShark web based CRM system, based on the kind of interactions made with leads, gives a score to each lead that helps prioritize the leads.

Fuel Lead Conversion

Sales Funnel feature enables your sales agents to be in touch with all leads together. Customer relationship management web based offers a pictorial view of leads captured & arranged in the sales funnel based on interactions. Hence, none of the leads get missed & lead conversion gets better.

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Features of
SalezShark Web Based CRM System

Nurture Leads Efficiently

Educating your leads regarding your products is an essential part of the lead nurturing process. Make it easy with SalezShark CRM as it helps you in creating & running highly personalized email marketing campaigns that resonate with the needs of leads.

Opportunity & Sales Tracking

Build more opportunities by tacking sales effectively with our web based sales software. Opportunity is referred to as any lead with the potential of making a purchase. Arrange potential opportunities into Sales Funnel that helps gauge the probability of their conversion.

Account & Contact Management

Once leads are captured, contact them and convert them into accounts. Generally, an Account is referred to as the company name your point of contact belongs to, and under Account, there can be several contacts.

Sales Forecasting

Forecast sales accurately with our cloud based CRM. In a few clicks, know the exact amount generated from the potential opportunities/leads.

Email Marketing

Create highly personalized email marketing campaigns that resonate with your buyers' pain points. You can also schedule & manage follow-up emails & reminders that enable you to be in constant touch with leads & existing customers.

Campaign 360°

With cloud based CRM, Evaluate the performance of your sales & marketing campaigns with our CRM’s campaign 360° feature. For example, you can get the detailed performance report of your email marketing campaigns entailing its open rate, click rate, drop rate, & bounce rate.

Lead generation via multiple sources

Makes the process of a lead generation more effective and relevant. Create Landing Pages with our CRM that helps in appropriate lead generation & capture leads automatically from multiple sources like email marketing campaigns, website, chat & telephony.

Campaign Scheduler

Our cloud CRM software Campaign Scheduler feature helps you schedule your marketing activities effectively that primarily involve marketing calendar planning and scheduling email marketing campaigns for specific events or dates.

3rd Party Data Search

Searching data gets easy with our CRM as it integrates all your leads from 3rd parties like Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, etc., into the SalezShark CRM system in one click. You can search and import contacts into our CRM and build relationships instantly.


Making calls and keeping track of calls get easy with SalezShark CRM. This integration automates the process of telephony. You can make calls to your leads & existing clients directly from CRM & all calls get recorded automatically, enhancing traceability.


Get in touch with your leads & existing customers instantly with SalezShark Chat integration. The seamless integration of our CRM with the chat process enables you to address queries of leads immediately & make them interested in buying from you.


Email integration enables you to send mass emails to your prospects & customers in a few clicks. SalezShark automates your email marketing process & helps you in building personalized relationships with prospects & existing clients.

Why Choose SalezShark
Web Based CRM solutions

  • Get a best-in-class CRM web based application that automates your entire business process.
  • Keep all information under one platform enhancing effortless team collaboration.
  • Say no to the entry of data manually & utilize that time in building rapport with promising leads & existing clients.
  • Utilize SalezShark CRM smart analytics & advanced reporting system to make smarter decisions & build effective strategies.
  • One size doesn’t fit all; get our highly customized CRM that perfectly matches your expectations.

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Use SalezShark Web Based CRM solutions that are highly customizable.

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