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SalezShark sales automation software in North Carolina offers prominent features that a business of any size needs with unlimited contacts and an inbuilt marketing tool. It includes lead management, contact management, tasks and activity organizer, multichannel marketing, integrations to other SalezShark CRM New North Carolina, and more!

Let’s discover how you can ditch multiple tools to execute the basics of the sales & marketing process. A single tool that streamlines the sales cycle, boosts email marketing and has a dedicated account manager to call on when you need help.

Email Marketing

SalezShark marketing automation software in North Carolina makes email marketing effortless, efficient, and more personalized. With tons of available email templates & feasibility of adding attachments, you can create awesome campaigns and even schedule according to the time zone of your target audience

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Template Gallery

Email templates have become more efficient, easy-to-use and results in improved customer communication for the evolving business space. If you want to consider grow your engagement, choose SalezShark ready to go email templates.


Campaign Analytics

Measure campaign performance inside SalezShark CRM to improve marketing ROI. Such AI-driven analysis empowers your team to make data-driven decisions leading to profitable conversions.


Account Management

Organize contacts on the basis of customer profiles and categorize them under specific company accounts to ensure instant traceability of all connections. Besides, you can generate quotes, sales orders, and invoices for the accounts and store related notes/documents in the account history.

Lead Generation

For small businesses, a good website can serve as a goldmine for new and repeat business opportunities. It's important to keep track of lead activity online and solicit contact information, in order to move them into your sales cycle. With the free CRM, you can do that effortlessly.


Create Quick Lead

Capture lead details manually by quickly creating it into your CRM using Web Forms. This might come handy if you are running out of time & helps you to create lead records with basic details.


Import in few clicks

SalezShark CRM supports importing leads from external sources such as .csv and .vcf files. You can instantly import leads in bulk from different sources that results in time-saving for your sales team rather than creating thousands of leads manually.



To put the power of SalezShark CRM into a real-world perspective, you can use/customize dashboards (sales, marketing, activity) to your business-boosting advantage. It provides AI-driven insights & a concise snapshot in the form of graph, pie chart, bar, column of your activities through a range of features and functionalities empowered by data visualization tools.

Fully customizable

With SalezShark CRM, you can have the right dashboard that best describes your role, whether you’re in Sales, Support, or Marketing. Pick from any of the following built-in dashboards. You are free to download the report from your dashboard and even directly command for print. To make reports more fascinating, you can change the colour, mode, size and opacity for better visualization.

Different Dashboard for Different Roles


Sales Dashboard


Marketing Dashboard


Activity Dashboard


SalezShark CRM's workflow automation handles routine sales tasks to help you be more productive so that there would be fewer things in your to-do list. With telephony integration of MyOperator, SalezShark CRM includes one-click calling, call recording, direct reporting and automated follow-up emails after call.




Create customized reports based on leads/accounts/opportunities/activities to summarize the action items. With custom reports, you have more flexibility in analyzing objects and activities in your SalezShark account.



SalezShark CRM ensures that your numbers are accurate and helps you in closing deals instantly. Before committing to a forecast, sales reps can create and modify unlimited scenarios, with the option of quota, closed, and expected revenue, probability, stage. Assigning quotas, modifying individual forecasts and analyzing sales performance of individuals are no longer considered tedious tasks.


Service You Can Count On

Extensive support via live tutorials, personalized training & technical assistance to new customers from real human beings.

Connect SalezShark Lead Management
Tool in North Carolina to your Favorite Applications

SalezShark works seamlessly with popular applications such as


How much storage space do
you get in CRM software in North Carolina?


No Data Cap

You can store unlimited contacts in your CRM account that is required by any sales team to grow & outperform via Marketing Automation tools North Carolina.


File Storage

To manage business online, SalezShark CRM software in North Carolina offers free storage space of up to 10MB to every organization. To increase your lead conversion rate every month, you must try the best lead management North Carolina software for your business.

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