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SalezShark Connect+ is a powerful email marketing tool clubbed with an integrated database that helps you in enticing your target audience and empowers you to create email marketing campaigns that generate curiosity among buyers to buy your business products and services. It makes your email marketing highly targeted by offering its integrated company directory that includes information (email addresses, phone numbers) of key decision-makers from various companies and industries. Connect+ can also be customized based on your business and industry-specific needs.

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How does
SalezShark Connect+ Company Directory help?

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Integrated database (company database)

Connect+ helps you to build connections with leads effectively by finding business emails of key decision-makers from the SalezShark integrated company directory of various organizations and industries. Hence, it helps you to create your ideal customer profile to support sales and marketing initiatives.

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Smart Analytics

SalezShark Connect+ ensures your email marketing campaigns perform well and your emails get delivered in the right inbox. It helps you to track the performance of email marketing campaigns by leveraging intelligent analytics and insights.

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Quick campaign creation

Connect+ helps you to create & send marketing campaigns in a few clicks. It helps you to amplify your marketing efforts by leveraging the template builder or pre-designed templates that engage your customers in a personalized way.

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Highly customizable

SalezShark Connect+ is highly customised email marketing software clubbed with an integrated database that can be customized as per your business & industry requirements. It helps you in bringing your multiple marketing teams together on a unified portal & keeps all information in one place.

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How does the Connect+
Company Directory integration in CRM help?

Create highly targeted email marketing campaigns

SalezShark Connect+ helps you to create highly targeted email marketing campaigns. It offers you an integrated company directory comprised of highly accurate and relevant information about various companies from multiple industries. This company directory integration in CRM helps you to connect with key decision-makers of your desired companies. By accessing the email addresses of these key professionals you can create highly targeted email campaigns that result in enhancing the performance of your email marketing campaigns in terms of increased open rate and click rate of emails.

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Create effective email marketing campaigns

SalezShark Connect+ helps you in automating & creating effective email marketing campaigns. Email marketing plays a vital role in building rapport with leads and existing customers. But if done manually, it can be a time-consuming process. SalezShark Connect+ makes this process simple by allowing you to automate the email marketing process and help you in creating and executing mass emailing campaigns in no time. It saves your time in creating personalised emails by offering ready-made email templates that help in personalization. Also, helps you in drafting product messaging that acts as a solution to the pain points of the target audience.

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Create an email contacts list & schedule email campaigns

While creating the email marketing campaign besides creating the content of emails you should also keep in mind to create a list of contacts that is correct and updated. Here SalezShark Connect+ helps you to create a detailed email list of contacts from its integrated company database. It manages & updates all the entries in the email contacts list. It also helps you to schedule various marketing activities and marketing calendars in advance for specific dates or events based on different geographical locations.

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Gauge your email marketing performance

Just imagine running marketing campaigns and in the end, you fail to analyze its performance. Isn’t it depressing? Here SalezShark Connect+ helps you to get access to real-time email marketing analytics with a 360* view of marketing campaigns’ performance. It helps you to track your emails and download the list of active receivers of email campaigns. Also, it helps you to analyze email campaigns’ performance which helps you to understand your emails’ open rate, click rate, drop rate, and bounce rate.

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Benefits of Connect+ Company Directory

If you are running a business that may be small, medium, or large you implement multiple marketing strategies into your marketing process. However, to do it effectively you must use Connect+ integrated database. Once your sales and marketing agents start using Connect+ accurate and relevant corporate data then it becomes easy for you to improve the chances of converting promising prospects into customers. Let us look into a few benefits of using the Connect+ integrated company database.

Target-oriented marketing

Using an accurate and relevant integrated database of Connect+ improves your marketing efforts by making it more target-oriented. It enables your sales and marketing executives to target promising prospects based on their buying behavior & preferences. It eventually helps them to expand their reach to the promising prospects that are most likely to buy and looking for something that sales and marketing experts are offering to them.

Quick client acquisition

Apart from the benefit of making marketing more target-oriented; using accurate customer information also improves quick client acquisition. Once your sales and marketing executives start using accurate and relevant buyers’ information then it becomes a cakewalk for them to convert leads into deals. Using accurate and relevant leads’ information, sales, and marketing executives also saves a lot of productive hours in identifying and tracking the promising prospects and can focus more on executing core sales and marketing activities. So it helps in improving the customer acquisition process as the sales and marketing experts pitch the promising prospects based on their buying preferences & pain points.

Save time

Another benefit of using an accurate and relevant Connect+ integrated database is that it enables the sales and marketing reps in saving a lot of time. By incorporating relevant and accurate buyers’ information, it becomes a cakewalk for sales and marketing reps to build strong and personalized relationships with promising prospects at the right time that result in better client acquisition.

Happy Clients

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of using accurate and relevant b2b data of Connect+, it also helps in creating more happy clients. It enables sales and marketing executives to build strong and personalized relationships with promising prospects and existing clients.


Last but not the least advantage of using an accurate and relevant integrated database of Connect+ is it is very affordable. By using accurate data the chances of going wrong become zero resulting in a cost-effective solution. So in this manner driving marketing effectively becomes very affordable even for small businesses and start-ups as it fits into their budgets easily.

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