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Connect+ Campaign Scheduler is a useful feature that helps you to plan and schedule marketing activities strategically. By leveraging this feature of Connect+ in a few clicks you can plan a marketing calendar in advance and set up email marketing campaigns for specific dates or events. In addition to that, you can also post email campaigns specific to different time zones across the globe & thereby achieve email campaigns’ high open & click rates. It offers a highly user-friendly interface that makes your job easy in scheduling emails. It helps you to manage multiple campaigns at a time with zero chances of any human errors. Moreover, scheduling email campaigns in advance enables you to send the right emails at the right time which makes your marketing campaign successful.

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Let’s explore Connect+ Campaign Scheduler

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Manage multi-campaigns effectively with Campaign scheduler

Connect+ campaign management proves to be highly effective when it comes to managing multiple marketing campaigns together. Its highly user-friendly interface allows you to schedule and manage multiple email marketing campaigns in a few clicks. Hence it saves your time as you do not need to send each email campaign manually.

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Send the right emails at the right time

Connect+ Campaign Scheduler acts as a useful feature when it comes to sending the right emails, at the right time to the right set of audiences. It is useful because there are certain times like non-working hours when you aren’t able to send emails yourself, at that time by using this feature you can set time for sending such email campaigns.

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Reduce mistakes

By leveraging the feature of Connect+ Campaign Scheduler you can reduce mistakes that usually happen while scheduling and managing email marketing campaigns manually. It reduces human-bound errors drastically by automating the entire process.

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Make holiday marketing effective

Holiday marketing is not a piece of cake as it is the busiest time of the year. In such times by leveraging the Connect+ Campaign Scheduler feature you can make your brand’s holiday marketing effective. It helps you schedule multiple holiday marketing emails in advance like Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, and so on, long before they take place.

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Integrated database

Connect+ marketing automation suite besides offering wonderful campaign management features also offers a highly accurate b2b integrated database. It offers a cloud-based database that gives you ease to access it whenever you need it. You can choose vast inventory from the Connect+ database as per your campaign requirements. The database comprises both domestic and international b2b data entailing the contact information of the top designations like Executive, Manager, Sr. Manager, Managing Director, CEO, etc.

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Make a smart email list

By deploying the Connect+ marketing automation suite into your marketing process you can make a smart list of email contacts that is highly targeted and can be easily uploaded into the system in CSV format. By creating targeted static and dynamic lists of email contacts you can tailor your outreach effectively. It helps you to ensure that your emails are getting received by the right set of email recipients at the right time. Hence a smart list of email contacts boosts your email campaign’s performance.

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Build highly responsive email campaigns

Connect+ marketing automation suite comes in handy in building highly responsive email marketing campaigns. Highly responsive email marketing campaigns here mean emails that can be viewed easily from mobile to desktop. Connect+ offers a wide variety of pre-built email templates that are completely tested to ensure that it looks perfect on any mobile device. Hence, by creating such emails you make sure to deliver a best-in-class experience for your email recipients.

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Create action-oriented email campaigns

By deploying the Connect+ campaign management system into your marketing process you can create action-oriented email campaigns that compel your prospects and existing customers to connect with you. It offers you an option to add relevant CTAs (Call to action) in the emails that make your emails action-oriented. CTAs generate curiosity among prospects to click on them and know more about your brand. You can place CTAs in the content of your email, strategically to get the attention of prospects and connect with them instantly.

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Track email campaigns performance

Connect+ marketing automation suite is a useful campaign management system that also helps in analyzing the performance of your email marketing campaigns in a few clicks. It offers you an option to leverage its email campaign analytics and insights that help you to understand when to stop or reduce the sending frequency of emails to specific contacts. These analytics help you to know your email recipients’ preferences and thus boost your email deliverability rate.

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Get quick campaign reports

By deploying the Connect+ marketing automation suite into your marketing process you can create various marketing campaigns’ reports in a few clicks. It generates multiple marketing reports automatically that save your time and you can present these reports to senior marketing professionals that help in planning future marketing strategies. These reports are mostly in the simple form of graphs and pie charts. You can also segregate these reports into different dashboards that help you to analyze the overall marketing process performance at a glance.

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Benefits of Connect+ automated
campaign management

By deploying a powerful and intuitive automated campaign management suite like Connect+ you can simplify your entire email marketing process and make it more result-oriented. It helps you in more than one way and offers ample benefits. This campaign management tool not only automates the email process, and helps in lead capturing but also empowers you to add the power of personalization into your marketing campaigns. It helps you in knowing your prospects’ buying preferences in advance and based on that you can craft highly personalized email campaigns resonating with their preferences, pain points, and needs. Besides this when you create mass email campaigns then it’s not easy to address every email recipient with his or her first name, however, by using Connect+ you can do it with the power of automation, and your every email recipient in a mass email campaigns can receive an email with his/her first name that instantly connects your email recipients with you and the chances of good communication with prospects begin.

Connect+ also makes your marketing efforts highly measurable and produces results quickly. It empowers you with various metrics to analyze the performance of your email such as you can track the open rate, click rate, and the number of people who subscribe to and unsubscribe from your marketing emails. By analyzing these metrics you can formulate your future email marketing campaigns. Connect+ is also accessible through smartphones. Its interface is not only responsive to desktops or laptops but also viewable on mobile screens. This means now even if you work remotely, you can stay connected with your leads, colleagues, and subordinates. As this software is cloud-based so you can access any business information anytime from anywhere through mobile via the internet which enhances your productivity and amplify the chances of sales. Last but not least is the kind of bullet-proof security Connect+ offers. It keeps your all data safe on the cloud and you can set permissions for who can view data or who can edit it. Besides this Connect+ is highly affordable and can fit into the budget of any small to large enterprise.

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