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Driving the daily sales and marketing activities manually are time-consuming and tedious. It wastes a lot of productive hours of employees and deviates them from driving core sales and marketing activities that end up in revenue generation. Besides this driving all sales and marketing activities manually also leave room for human-bound errors that directly impact the growth of your business and result in a huge dip in sales and revenue generation. Hence, to overcome all sorts of such challenges and issues you need to have the power of automation in your business that helps you to save time, enhance daily productivity and enable you to focus more on driving core sales and marketing activities boosting the sales and revenue generation of your business. SalezShark CRM workflow automation enables you to automate the daily business activities that boost productivity and enable you to make smarter decisions. It helps you to establish a perfect alignment of goals between your sales & marketing teams and offers a smooth experience for your clients at every stage of their buying journey. Its AI’s (Artificial intelligence) powerful automation capabilities help you understand your target audience and existing customers through various insights, predictions, and recommendations. Hence, it helps in identifying the best leads, communicating with them on preferred channels, and engaging them with personalized and behavioral-based conversations.

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Workflow automation of daily tasks

Manually driving day-to-day business activities such as following up on leads, sending sales-related emails, raising invoices, etc. consume a lot of productive hours. To drive these activities seamlessly and quickly you can introduce the power of automation into your business. With workflow automation in CRM, you can create automated workflows for the most complex processes of your business effortlessly in a few clicks. Hence it reduces manual dependency and saves your time to sell more.


Create a strong sales funnel

Creating a strong sales pipeline or funnel is one of the most challenging tasks for any sales professional these days. It is due to day-by-day rising competition that makes it tough. In such a scenario you can leverage the integrated database of SalezShark that offers sales-qualified leads. You can set filters as per your requirements and can filter b2b contacts that are relevant to your business. You can import these contacts and create a virtual sales funnel into the SalezShark CRM. It offers a pictorial view of all leads placed into it by you based on the chances of leads converting into deals. By doing so you can analyze and prioritize leads that amplify lead conversion. It also helps you to be in constant contact with the leads resulting in never missing out on any lead.


Forecast sales accurately

Another challenge that most senior sales managers face in their sales process is forecasting sales accurately. However, this can be solved and you can amplify your sales process by forecasting sales accurately with SalezShark CRM. It helps you to track the progress of your sales figures and formulate solid sales strategies. By analyzing the virtual sales funnel of CRM you can get a detailed view of all possible deal closures and calculate the forecasted revenue. You can also calculate the expected amount of revenue generation within a particular time period which makes sales forecasting effective.


Get sales qualified leads

SalezShark CRM offers you an integrated database of b2b data that offers sales-qualified leads. You can set filters as per your requirements and can filter b2b contacts that are relevant to your business. In this manner, all the leads you capture from SalezShark integrated database are mostly sales-qualified leads. By deploying SalezShark CRM you can easily identify and capture sales-qualified leads in a few clicks. It makes your job easy in capturing the sales qualified leads by leveraging multiple CRM metrics and integrations that are like chat, telephony, and landing pages As the leads get generated from these portals so the chances of getting sales qualified leads get better that are relevant to your business.


Track sales performance

Simply working on sales and executing sales follow-ups are not enough. You also need to track the performance of your sales efforts. Tracking your sales efforts lets you know what went wrong and right in any lead interaction and helps you to understand various other metrics. SalezShark CRM workflow automation enhances the tracking process of your sales. It helps you to analyze the performance of sales campaigns in a few clicks. It offers you various sales metrics and data-driven insights that ease the job of tracking the performance of sales campaigns. It also facilitates senior managers in making the right decisions and formulating future sales strategies accurately.


Establish sync among multiple teams

SalezShark CRM offers a unified platform to your multiple sales teams where all the sales professionals can work together that boosts seamless communication among the sales teams. It helps you establish perfect sync between multiple sales teams and the achievement of sales goals becomes easy and quick. Besides this, it brings transparency among team members and improves the overall productivity of sales professionals.

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Empower your team with SalezShark marketing workflow automation

Capture Leads in a Few Clicks

SalezShark marketing workflow automation help you in automating the entire lead capturing process. As we know, nowadays leads are captured from multiple sources such as websites, emails, Ads, social media platforms, etc; so in such a scenario manually logging into each portal to capture leads and then importing them into the CRM is a time-consuming task and also leaves scope for errors. However, by deploying the SalezShark CRM, with a single sign-in on the SalezShark system, you can get all leads captured from multiple sources.

CRM Workflow Automation

Track Your Leads Easily

Out of many marketing CRM platforms in the market SalezShark marketing CRM platform is one of the best tools that not only tracks your leads’ buying behavior, preferences, and trends but also tracks the web pages visited by your leads, the forms filled, the time duration spent on blogs, etc. All of these activities get tracked by SalezShark CRM and presented in a comprehensive report that enables you to know leads well and offer products and services at the right time.

Track Your Leads Easily

Nurture Leads Effectively

By deploying SalezShark CRM you can nurture leads effectively. It helps you educate leads and make them aware of your products and services by offering you an option to draft and send highly personalized email campaigns that resonate with leads’ pain points. It automates your email marketing process and connects you with leads in a personalized way. It also helps you in drafting and sending mass email campaigns in a few clicks by leveraging its highly customized and ready-to-use email templates that save your time and make lead nurturing effective.

Nurture Leads Effectively

Make a smart email list of
contacts in a few clicks

SalezShark CRM automates the email marketing process and offers you an option to create a smart list of email contacts from multiple sources in a few clicks. It also offers an integrated database of b2b contacts of various companies including their executives’ valid email addresses, landline no’s, etc. Besides this, it automatically manages the bounce list of emails, unsubscribes list & offers smart insights on email list performance. By doing so you ensure your emails are going to the right people at the right time.

CRM workflow automation

Schedule email marketing campaigns
in advance

By using SalezShark CRM workflow automation you can schedule marketing campaigns in advance effortlessly. You can plan and populate a virtual marketing calendar and schedule multiple email marketing campaigns in advance for any particular date or event or based on the geographical location of the email list to fetch more open & click rates of emails. By scheduling your email marketing campaigns in advance you stay ahead of your completion and send the right marketing messages at the right time.

email marketing campaigns

Monitor email marketing
campaigns’ performance

SalezShark CRM allows you to analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns effectively. It provides real-time marketing analytics that gives you a detailed picture of the best-performing marketing campaigns in the form of real-time reports. By using these reports you can track emails and download the list of active email recipients while analyzing the email performance showcasing its open rate, click rate, drop rate, and bounce rate.

Monitor email marketing campaigns

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