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How can customer intelligent CRM
help your business?

The process of collecting and monitoring information acquired from customer data using both internal and external sources is known as customer intelligence. The main goal of customer intelligent CRM is to better understand customer motivations to drive better future growth and personalize the customer journey.

The gathered Internal customer data can be produced by any customer interaction that is later stored in the corporate B2B database and sales system for future reference. Now, the data which is collected externally also follows the same pattern useful for both sales and marketing teams working in different industries including retail, banking, consumer goods, telecommunications, etc.

Customer Intelligent CRM is an insightful process of collecting and analyzing information about customers, their details, and activities, in order to build strong and more effective customer relationships and develop strategic & better decision making. It is also noticed that Customer Intelligence is a key component of effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and when implemented effectively, it is a prosperous source of insight into the customer behavior and customer experience of a company’s database.

Customer Intelligence begins with reference data – basic essential facts about the customer and their communication with your company and / or applications. By mining this data, and placing it in context with wider information about competitors, conditions in the industry, and general trends, information can be obtained about customers’ existing and future needs, how they reach decisions, and predictions made about their future behavior.

Why choose SalezShark as Best Customer
Intelligent CRM Software?


Bulletproof Security

Your information is in safe hands and completely secured through IP restrictions, single sign-on, identity & access management, etc.


Handhold Support

SalezShark handhold support ensures smooth on boarding and high end-user adoption with live tutorials/training /personalized demo.


Much more than a CRM

SalezShark Customer Intelligent CRM is developed to solve your sales & marketing challenges while allowing you to grow your revenue.


On Cloud

SalezShark is hosted on the secure cloud where customers can assess their business data via the internet. It implies that your data is completely secure and needless to be concerned about data management and storage.

How SalezShark Intelligent CRM can empower your business?

Customer intelligence empowers your business to make smart, strategic decisions based on the information you know about your customers and their experiences when interacting with your company. Overall, customer intelligent CRM boosts customer loyalty, improves the efficacy of your sales, and helps build a more relatable persona for your organization. When customers believe that they’re having an excellent customer experience with your company & salespeople, it turns you more than a brand, it makes you their companion.


Turn data into insights

Uncover the feasible insights from the pool of customer data that comes in handy with fully-featured SalezShark Customer Intelligent CRM solution that connects data from several resources into a single warehouse to assist you to categorize new business opportunities. Import data from excel, your AdWords account, or cloud services like Google Drive. Create custom metrics, personalized reports, and multi-dimensional analysis - all without the need for programming.


Predict revenue & Stay ahead in the competition

Forecast the revenue of your sales & marketing teams that help you in building a strategic plan to avoid unexpected circumstances. SalezShark Connect+ empowers sales & marketing professionals to analyze the performance of multiple marketing campaigns in a few clicks. It helps them to track the email marketing campaigns’ performance in terms of knowing emails’ open rate, click rate, bounce rate, and subscribe rate. These analytics help professionals plan future marketing strategies effectively.


View team performance in a glance

Leaderboard is one of the unique features of SalezShark CRM that not only helps you to get a pictorial view of your overall sales performance and activities performed but also if you are managing a team of sales executives then you can also track their sales performance and activities performed. These sales metrics automatically give ranking to sales executives based on the number of sales achieved. Hence it enhances your productivity and also brings transparency to the sales team.


Understanding target audience better

Adding personalization is one of the best ways to gather customer insight, such as product attention, support needs, and user experience and customer satisfaction. With over 50+ email templates, SalezShark Customer Intelligent CRM lets you create stunning email templates that are expert-made, expert-tested, and ready for you to use in just a few clicks.


SalezShark Customer Intelligence CRM Manage Business Growth Effortlessly

Task Assignment is Simple

Get reminders for your scheduled demo/meeting via email. Keep track of tasks and upcoming appointments. Assign tasks to team members without knocking at their desk.

Facilitates Export & Import

It is very simple to import leads from .csv file to keep yourself away from the manual tasks of data entry and lead assignment.

Track Deals & Monitor Team

Lead tracking & sales reporting, Follow-up, Scheduling Reminders, win & lose deals, Lead Analyses on daily, weekly, monthly & yearly basis

Sales Automation

Access lead details from anywhere to ensure high sales performance and increase profitability.

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