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Manage Leads & Opportunities

Manage all your leads together under a unified portal enhancing the chances of your leads turning into opportunities and finally into paying customers resulting in the growth of sales and revenue.

Sales Funnel Management

  • Get a pictorial view of all your leads arranged in the sales funnel that enables you to prioritize leads, establishing constant touch with leads, and keeping your complex sales process streamlined.
  • Arrange all your leads into the sales funnel on the basis of interactions and the probability of leads converting into deals; enabling you to understand the sales momentum and make efforts accordingly.
  • Gain access to a highly intuitive and interactive sales funnel with a drag-and-drop interface enabling you to add, edit, or delete leads as and when required.
  • Customize your sales funnel as per your sales process and create different sales stages based on your business sales process by giving each stage an appropriate name.

Track Customer Interactions

Get complete visibility and control of your customer interactions by tracking calls dialed, emails sent and contacts’ history as and when required.

Contact Management

  • Organize your contacts database and keep a record of all activities performed on contacts.
  • Enhance traceability of a database by dividing it into Accounts & Contacts where an account is an organization name and contact is referred to as a point of contact in that organization.
  • Import your contacts seamlessly from spreadsheets into SalezShark CRM Software in Florida.
  • Track the history of activities (calls, emails, product demos, etc.) performed with contacts making follow-ups effective.

Email Integration

  • Integrate emails automatically into SalezShark CRM software in Florida saving your time in tracking email interactions.
  • Plan and schedule your email marketing campaigns in advance for specific dates or events.
  • Personalize email marketing and mass email campaigns by using ready-made email templates that also saves your time.
  • Leverage the power of email analytics by knowing your emails’ open rate, click rate, and bounce rate.

Automate Daily Workflows

Get rid of lengthy, tedious, and repetitive sales and marketing tasks by automating the daily workflows that include manually sending emails or scheduling follow-up and so on.

Automate Repetitive Sales & Marketing Activities

  • Enhance your sales team’s performance by using Sales Automation software in Florida.
  • Create workflow automation based on the movement of leads into the sales funnel enhancing multitasking and productivity.
  • Send personalized emails to leads automatically whenever leads are created or reach a certain stage in the sales funnel.
  • Easily transfer the ownership of a lead to any other sales rep. as and when required.

Track Business Performance

Evaluate and keep a track of your business performance on a real-time basis by leveraging the power of smart analytics tools like SalezShark CRM Software in Florida and Lead management Florida.

Leverage the power of CRM Analytics

  • SalezShark CRM software in Florida empowers you with CRM smart analytics tools that simplify not only your job but are also beneficial for senior managers to track sales & marketing agents' performance.
  • Get access to all real-time-based performance reports of sales and marketing campaigns by using Marketing Automation tools Florida.
  • By leveraging the power of CRM analytics improve the success rate of your email campaigns.
  • Strategize your future sales & marketing strategies effectively based on the real-time performance reports of your previous sales and marketing campaigns.

Make Reporting Simple

  • SalezShark CRM Company in Florida is highly effective in automating your reporting system.
  • Save your productive hours that were getting wasted earlier in generating reports manually and inviting human errors.
  • In a few clicks create various sales and marketing campaigns’ performance reports with zero chances of discrepancies.
  • Get access to auto-generated reports that are easy to understand & present as these reports are in the form of graphs & pie charts.

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