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Sales & marketing automation is an amazing technology

Over the years, sales have evolved significantly and become more complicated and perplexing than ever. Clients are using different mediums to gather data and remain more vigilant on sales practices that are making life difficult for sales reps. However, with marketing automation tools Ahmedabad, a business can streamline and optimize several tasks in a few clicks. Such time-saving automation features are proving to be effective in increasing the efficiency of the sales and marketing team by delivering the right message with the right content to the right audience. It also helps in closing deals faster by increasing revenue and profits.

Features of CRM Ahmedabad

Sales automation software Ahmedabad is an amazing technology that changes our sales space but if it is not customized according to our business needs, it can prove counterproductive. For your convenience, here is a list of must-have features that you receive in SalezShark CRM software in Ahmedabad.

Moving ahead of the traditional email mechanization, email marketing in marketing automation is way ahead of your open and click rates. With SalezShark CRM software in Ahmedabad as one of the best CRM companies in Ahmedabad, you can target the right audience by simply drag-and-drop contacts mechanism, choosing the predefined template, personalize the email body, A/B test the content before sending, preview the email look, get AI-driven predictions on campaign performance, strategize campaigns through impact analysis and calculate marketing productivity & ROI. With yet another cutting-edge feature of predictive analytics, it is simpler for marketers to collect user data and create insightful data streams in order to predict what kind of services, content, products, and promotions would strike most to the reviewed users.

A marketing automation platform that integrates with CRM can be a very powerful weapon and that is why we have SalezShark CRM software in Ahmedabad that is already integrated with the marketing tool & allows you to transfer lead information from the email to CRM. This means a better alignment between marketing and sales that will effectively improve the effectiveness of email campaigns. The marketing automation tool Ahmedabad helps you to improve your employees’ productivity without going to and fro into multiple channels. Once the prospect is fully convinced with your offered services, it is crucial to take the next step. With this right blend of technology, you are able to succeed in bringing back the right analytics to deliver even more specific content to the targeted audience for the next time.

Send the right information to the right lead at the right time is the key enable of lead generation. Similarly, lead nurturing is the process of sending email campaigns to the defined target audience that will trigger based on a buyer’s behaviour. Referring to the study of MarketingSherpa, an incredible 73% of B2B leads are not sales-ready—and numerous never convert into deals. In spite of these odds, marketers keep on sending such huge numbers of disqualified leads that involve a daunting task of salespeople to shoehorn ill-equipped prospects into a clean arrangement. Sales automation software SalezShark nurture leads on a variety of specifications i.e. demographics, behaviour, sales stage etc. and is a highly sought after tool for marketers.

Campaigns are the automated workflow that is used to nurture leads along the sales cycle. In SalezShark CRM, your campaigns can be scheduled & personalized for better prospecting along with performance metrics on clicks/opens/bounce rates for scalable marketing strategy. Be ensured that the campaign management within the SalezShark platform supports both inbound marketing and outbound campaigns. As there are many CRM companies in Ahmedabad but the list of features that SalezShark CRM Ahmedabad offers is second to none. It is the single tool that handles the complete marketing program such as reporting, customized templates and email notifications to deliver an impeccable customer experience.

This fundamental feature of SalezShark CRM software in Ahmedabad enables marketers to concentrate on the most business opportunities. Any lead that is entered via website/landing page/ paid ads or any other form of inbound is directly sent to the sales manager/administrator to distribute among sales representative for faster actions to be taken. Additionally, the sales rep is also notified via mail when any lead is transferred to his/her account. Being able to move leads through the manual process is a challenging task but it can be handled effectively by your SalezShark sales automation platform. Set activity reminders, schedule campaign & generate customized reports to stay connected with your clients and prospects for building a long-lasting relationship.

Get the real-time analytics of your metrics & business targets via a sales speedometer that let’s know your sales speed. This real-time data visual makes you aware of your actual sales vs. the target sales, with an estimated value from the closed sales. This metric will also inform you about the status of your sales target depending upon your requirement. By regularly checking the sales speedometer, you can be assured of your qualified leads that have been added to your sales pipeline month-on-month.

Did you know 4 out of 10 CRM buyers are dependent on IT to set up the framework? Thanks to the modern SalezShark CRM that reduces your IT dependency and automate your day-long tasks in minutes. It is easy to configure, use and learn in simple steps. Additionally, you need not hire any implementation consultant because the premium support of SalezShark tech support is just a call away. Our veteran tech experts review a range of configuration settings that facilitate each company to customized SalezShark CRM according to its business requirements. These modifications control the appearance and functionality of the dashboard; they are definite at the company level and relevant to all business units in a specified implementation.

The more data you consolidate about prospects, the faster you push them in a business procedure. With integrations of various third-party applications in SalezShark CRM, you can upload essential details into your clients’ profile like company URL, location, email ID, LinkedIn profile, social media links, and other features as well. Such information would make your sales process smoother & automatically updated in your SalezShark CRM account. Just create a client profile, and we will do the rest for you.

Convert visitors into leads and
leads into buyers

Implement Ideas faster

Move faster from idea to implementation when it comes to marketing success. SalezShark is specifically designed keeping in mind the creative minds & meeting deadlines of marketers to improvise things faster.


Increase conversions

With a number of optimization tools built-in, SalezShark CRM Ahmedabad offers A-Z features that you require to optimize your pages and convert website visitors into leads and leads into clients.


Get rid of integrations

Struggling with multiple tools to execute the basics of the sales & marketing process is a frustrating experience. Tap on to the single platform, pay one invoice, and have a dedicated account manager to call on when you need help.


Know what’s working best

Leverage your business faster by getting performance analytics on what’s working best & what need improvements. SalezShark predictive analysis helps you by monitoring the sales/campaign performance and showing what’s driving real results for you.


Expert’s advice at a click away

Our experienced experts are building powerful tools suiting the business requirements of thousands of sales leaders & marketers in achieving their targets. Our team also comprise of professional consultants who are on their toes to help you in any manner they can.