Why FMCG business in India needs FMCG CRM software integrated with mobile CRM?

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The world has witnessed a surge in demand for various products. This has led to growth in the FMCG sector. It is expected that this sector will expand at a CAGR of  18 percent by 2025. The dark side of this expansion is that various manufacturers are manufacturing similar products. This has resulted in neck-to-neck competition among the companies to acquire the market. So, to make their sales process more efficient it is now necessary for companies to implement FMCG CRM Software in their day-to-day work.

FMCG CRM software

The CRM provides various benefits like it improves the employees’ working efficiency by automating multiple day-to-day activities. It helps companies achieve their sales target and helps them maintain a healthy relationship with their customers by providing them with more personalized products. Let’s view all the benefits of a CRM to the FMCG sector.

Challenges faced by FMCG Companies and their optimization through FMCG CRM Software

Data Monitoring

Monitoring and managing the retail data for any company can be challenging, especially for young companies. Neither do they have proper resources nor do they have well-trained staff. Therefore, implementing FMCG CRM software is the only solution left. This CRM  can generate multiple reports monitored through their dashboard. If you are on the go, watching is not a big deal as you can do it with mobile apps. These apps provide access to all reports and real-time data.

Eliminating human error

The FMCG CRM software is designed to automate various day-to-day tasks, which aims to eliminate any human errors and also reduce the workload of your sales and marketing team. They can use the mobile app to do various calculations for commissions, prices, and discounts. These data will be needed at every stage and needs to be faster and more robust.

Optimizing and Monitoring the Sales Team

The sales team is the backbone of any FMCG company. They are the one who introduces the company’s product to the retailers. Therefore monitoring their activity becomes very important for the optimum results. With FMCG CRM software real-time monitoring feature, companies can monitor the actions of their sales representatives. The mobile integration of the software makes it possible for the sales representative to access the CRM even on the go. They can even feed the data in real-time.

Automating tasks

When an FMCG company grows, the number of employees grows, and managing day-to-day activity becomes very complex and time-consuming. FMCG CRM software with mobile interaction makes various tasks automated, reducing execution time. You cannot rely on old and traditional methods for approvals and disapproval, as it will take a lot of time which is not preferred and efficient

File synchronizing and sharing

There are various internal files or information that companies share with their representatives. This can be a price list, product catalog, etc. When they use old traditional methods like email WhatsApp, distribution becomes unorganized, and people find it challenging to access these files.  This is where FMCG CRM software with Mobile CRM comes in handy. It provides a space that anyone on the team can access. It can be opened by using laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. This gives it flexibility and accessibility to the person working in the field.

Final Thoughts

Today, the market is flooded with various FMCG CRM software integrated with mobile CRM. So, you will have to find the best and most robust solution for your business. Finding the best FMCG CRM Software for your business is now easier and faster. Book a free consultation with our experts who can help you choose customizable CRM Software.

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