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SalezShark CRM software in Pennsylvania is highly effective software that empowers you to automate and streamline various sales activities right from managing leads to sales funnel creation, forecasting sales to analyzing your sales executives’ performance, and so on. Hence, the implementation of CRM software in Pennsylvania automates your entire sales process in no time allowing your sales professionals to focus more on building strong relationships with past, present, and future customers.

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How SalezShark Sales Automation Software Works?

CRM Pennsylvania offered by SalezShark simplifies your sales process by allowing you to leverage the power of sales automation into your business. It harnesses the power of multiple advanced technologies such as Big-Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence that are highly effective in automating and streamlining the lengthy and tedious manual sales activities and empowering and empowering your sales professionals to build a strong relationship with promising prospects and existing customers. Let’s dig into a few functionalities of SalezShark Sales Automation software in Pennsylvania.

Lead Management

Any individual or company that expresses an interest in your products and services is termed as a lead, or you can also say any inquiry received by you from an individual or company is known as a lead in SalezShark CRM.

  • SalezShark CRM company in Pennsylvania helps you to capture leads automatically from numerous sources like websites, web forms, chat, IVR & emails
  • It offers Web2Lead capturing that captures leads from websites & web forms
  • It integrations like Snapdragon & MyOperator automatically capture leads from chat & IVR respectively
  • Its Mailgun integration is also a powerful way used to generate and capture leads via emails
  • SalezShark CRM also enables you to create, assign leads to various sales executives, and track leads effectively

Account & Contact Management

Any organization that expresses interest in your products and has multiple points of contact with it is called Account in SalezShark CRM. Once you convert a lead into an account, the company name becomes the account, and the lead (individual) becomes a contact in that account.

  • Through account management, you can track the number of transactions made with any particular organization
  • Lead management Pennsylvania enables you to organize contacts based on profiles and segregate them under specific accounts for better traceability
  • Through contact management, you get the details of the contact person like their phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • In Account & Contact management you can schedule appointments, product demos & so on
  • You can also upload any necessary documents and can add notes to them for future reference

Opportunities Management

An opportunity in SalezShark CRM can be referred to as a potential future sale to new or existing customers. Every opportunity gives you an idea of the expected revenue that can be generated out of it.

  • Opportunity management helps you to forecast future business demands and sales revenues
  • Through opportunity management, you can create opportunities and track their progress
  • Marketing Automation tools Pennsylvania also enables the senior management of your business to evaluate the expected sales
  • Lead management Pennsylvania helps your senior managers to forecast sales and evaluate expected revenue accurately

Sales Funnel Management & Sales Forecasting

SalezShark sales automation software in Pennsylvania offers you the feature of creating a Sales Funnel that helps you in managing and streamlining your leads to accelerate the lead conversion process effectively. It helps you to forecast sales accurately.

  • It gives you a pictorial view of all the leads contacted in past and present
  • You can arrange leads into the funnel based on interactions made with leads and the probability of their conversion
  • Lead management tool in Pennsylvania helps you to never miss on any lead by keeping constant touch with leads
  • CRM company in Pennsylvania helps you to prioritize leads based on the probability of their conversion
  • In a few clicks, get a detailed view of all deals and can evaluate the forecasted revenue of your business.

Contract & Document Management

SalezShark Contract & Document Management feature helps you to keep all the contract details and related documents organized for future reference.

  • Marketing Automation tools Pennsylvania helps you to manage contracts with the clients by tracking, monitoring, progressing, and terminating the contracts
  • Say no to fillip through multiple spreadsheets and cabinets to find any product information
  • Get access to price lists or any contract information in a few clicks
  • You can store & track product lists, brochures, product specification manuals, product price lists, and quotation templates

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