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A Tailor Built Email Marketing Software For Small Businesses

No hidden pricing. 24/7 support. 15M+ strong B2B customer database. Tons of tutorials. Get setup and get going right away so that you never miss a beat, and much more. SalezShark is THE email marketing solution for small businesses. And you can start completely free!

Discover Over 15M+ B2B Prospects

Cultivate a Massive Pipeline via our 15M+ Database

Use our massive verified 15M+ B2B customer database software for small businesses, which boasts on companies and key executives alike across any target industry in over 4 continents to cultivate a massive lead pipeline.

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Select from 100+ pre-built templates

No fuss on no muss designing. Don’t get bogged down with designing emails when you can choose a template from our massive online library.

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Select from 100+ pre-built templates

Automate Tedious Tasks

Automate away tedious tasks, such as scheduling, personalizing, and responding to emails. Go a step further and utilize our new multi-step automation (Drip marketing) feature to send follow-ups based on a customer’s response.

Many More Features…

Detailed Analytics

Get instantaneous detailed reports on open rates, click through rates, bounced emails, subscribers, etc.

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Mobile App Support

Send emails, get analytics, and connect with your customers on-the-go with our SalezShark Android/IOS app.

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Tons of Integrations

Utilize Zapier, Google, Linkedin, Sendgrid, ALL email providers, and 50+ other integrations for better communcation.

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Marketing Is About More Than Just Emails


Get all the SEO tools to rank well on search engines in one place, such as landing page builders, meta tags, Google Analytics, integrations, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Manage, Schedule, and integrate your social media activity with SalezShark while responding to messages across all channels from your SalezShark dashboard.


Add your entire team to your account so that everyone can work over the cloud, provide feedback, and work as a singular unit.


We can’t stress this enough. This century is the automation century. No more gruntwork as you focus on value generation for your customers.

Why SalezShark

Three words: Simple. Accessible. Affordable.

And unlike other CRM and marketing automation providers, we walk the talk. We are an honest company where you will get exactly what you bargained for, nothing less but perhaps more. No hidden pricing. No outsourced customer service. 100% commitment to your cause.

Just like your business, SalezShark is a startup that had to think outside the box to find customers and scale. We used, and still use, our own products, such as the customer database software, to build our brand, secure 1600+ clients, and win numerous awards as a result. And all we hope to do is allow you the time to think differently as well by automating away tedious tasks with our AI-powered marketing tools.

Our Story

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The top stories, according to our clients!


Using SalezShark Connect+ as our campaign platform was a game-changer for us. With SalezShark’s' user-friendly interface and powerful features, we saw a remarkable increase in our campaign's reach and engagement. It allowed us to target the right audience effectively, resulting in a 30% boost in lead generation and a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Chayanika Bhattacharya

Co-Founder -


We were facing several challenges in our marketing efforts, from acquiring a targeted industry-specific database to finding a user-friendly email marketing solution. SalezShark stepped in as the solution to all these challenges, providing us with the tools and expertise needed to streamline our sales and marketing endeavours.

Navin Khaware

AVP-Sales at Check An Invoice


I have had exceptional service from SalezShark Connect after struggling with the complex & expensive marketing tool for 10 months. I have experienced handhold support at every step of my usage journey. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Sr. Marketing Manager

Legal Services


SalezShark Connect is intuitive to use, and well laid out. Their support system is available 24/7 on mail, calls & chat. The easy accessibility of tracking engaged visitors, new leads and clients is a blessing for us to serve our customers more efficiently.

Sales Head

Travel & Tourism


The tool is indeed simplest and fabulous to use. It makes our communication look professional and at the same time provides detailed analysis and reports that assist us in tracking the engagement.

Content Strategist

Digital Agency


We really appreciate the contribution of SalezShark Connect in helping us to become ‘automated’ in our marketing initiatives. The workflow automations are well-versed and replaced my 5 other existing tools for being connected with both customers and new leads.


Real Estate Company



How do find the best email marketing software for your small business?

While investing in email marketing, it’s essential to select the right email marketing software that resonates with your email marketing needs in creating and running email campaigns smoothly, which produces better results. Let’s discuss a few tips to help you to select the right email marketing solution…

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Email marketing software is a type of software that helps businesses to manage their email marketing campaigns. It provides a platform for businesses to create, send and track email campaigns, as well as measure their performance and ROI. Email marketing software typically includes features such as email templates, contact management, email scheduling, email campaign tracking, and email deliverability reports. Many email marketing software platforms also offer integrations with other marketing tools, such as CRM software and web analytics platforms. This allows businesses to get a complete view of their customers and their interactions with the company across all channels. Email marketing software is an essential tool for any business that wants to build relationships with its customers and grow its customer base.

As email has become an increasingly important communications tool for businesses of all sizes, a number of email marketing software providers have cropped up to meet the demand. While the features offered by these providers vary, there are some popular features that are often included in some of the best email marketing software for small businesses.

These features include the ability to create and send newsletters, email campaigns, and automated email messages. Additionally, many email marketing software providers offer templates and design tools to help small businesses create professional-looking email communications. Finally, many of them also offer tracking and reporting features that allow small businesses to see how their email campaigns are performing and make necessary adjustments. By taking advantage of these features, entrepreneurs and startups can ensure that their email marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

Great question! If you need customer support, SalezShark is here for you 24/7. We have a team of highly trained customer service representatives who are always ready to help. Whether you have a question about our products or services, or you need help with a technical issue, we’ll be happy to assist you. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied from the setup all the way to the end of days! Don’t hesitate to contact us by any means necessary.

We generally offer a 2-week free trial for our marketing automation platform, Connect+. You can also find details about what the free version and other packages offer here.

While different businesses, budgets, and goals will entail different prerequisites, in general, you would need two things to be in place: good working knowledge of email marketing and how it works (reputation mgmt., spam score mgmt., frequency mgmt., etc.) and more importantly, a large enough contact list to work off. While the former can be learned relatively quickly, especially when using some of the best email marketing tools on the market, a contact list is by far more important.

You won’t need an email marketing tool to reach out to 5 customers, but if you’re a blogger with 100+ subscribers and the budget to buy an email marketing tool, the latter may be a real timesaver, with its automation tools, pre-built templates, reputation mgmt. (which is a pain), etc. Even if you don’t have a customer list, you can solve this problem by literally buying data on your target demographic (like our 15M+ B2B database) and getting going overnight! So it really only depends on your budget, timeline, and your customer list.