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An accurate contact database is essential to any organization’s success in driving marketing campaigns. Once you have accurate contact information of your target audience it becomes easy to invigorate marketing efforts, ensuring the reach to the right audience. In case you don’t have an accurate contact database readily available, then you must choose Connect+. Your business can reap ample of benefits by incorporating the Connect+ corporate directory.

Corporate directory

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How does Connect+ Corporate Directory help?

Connect+ offers you an accurate corporate directory that enables your sales and marketing professionals to connect with a wider audience; focus on customers’ specific requirements; conduct multi-channel campaigns.

Connect+ offers the best corporate directory that compasses various industries like manufacturing, under manufacturing FMCG, Electronics, Automobiles, Textiles, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, and so on. Our integrated database also comprises industries such as Media, IT, ITES, Education, Telecom Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Companies (BFSI), Govt., Advertising, Exporters, Hospitals, Hospitality, Importers, Construction, Builders, Retailers, Schools, and Colleges.

Connect+ offers a corporate directory gathered through ongoing research and is a compilation of data covering top management in companies across industries. Companies covered in our integrated database include SMEs (small and medium enterprises), MEs (medium enterprises), and large MNC (Multinationals)/ Top Corporates. Our database compasses all sorts of organizations such as Proprietary firms, Private Limited & Public Limited organizations.

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Why do you need
Connect+ Corporate Directory?

Expand reach by using Connect+ Corporate Directory

Connect+ accurate business corporate directory results in the expansion of potential leads and sales. It offers you a large pool of relevant contacts where they can send marketing emails and the more people receive it improves the chances to drive more sales.

Corporate directory

Robust sales and marketing pipeline

With Connect+ offers the best corporate directory entailing business email addresses of key decision-makers of various companies helps in creating a stronger sales and marketing pipeline. It helps you to build a robust pipeline of sales-qualified leads that have higher chances of converting into customers.

Corporate directory

Generate higher revenue by using Connect+ best corporate directory

Connect+ offers an accurate, relevant, and structured business corporate directory that enables your sales and marketing team to make the right decisions and crack sales. Maybe you are looking for location-specific data, then in such cases, Connect+ also offers accurate location-specific data. The more specific and accurate data you have, the more chances your team to make sales and generate higher revenue.

Corporate directory

Cost efficient

Connect+ accurate, relevant, and organized database empowers you to make the right decisions at the right time that ends up saving money and time. If you are using inaccurate data then ineffective decisions resulting in the wastage of money are inevitable. Thus, by choosing Connect+ corporate directory, you get access to an accurate business corporate directory that saves both your money and time.

Corporate directory

Things you can do with Connect+ to save time & enhance productivity

Corporate directory

Generate more qualified leads with Connect+

SalezShark Connect+ verified sales-ready database plays a vital role in a b2b environment because it is one of the best ways to connect with high-quality and relevant leads and convert them into paying customers. Generating high-quality leads is one of the primary objectives of any business. Many sales and marketing executives face many issues on a daily basis to identify, capture, and monitor the most promising target audience. Most of the time cold calling, emails, and multiple other channels are used to generate high-quality leads. But, even after dialing numerous calls and sending multiple email campaigns, sales and marketing teams fail to generate high-quality leads that turn into valuable customers. In such a situation, a few businesses also blame their sales and marketing agents and doubt their skills. But blaming your sales and marketing agents is not correct and also not advisable as it only demotivates them resulting in low productivity. There can be also a possibility the database you have provided them is not accurate, target-oriented, and relevant. Hence, you must provide your sales and marketing agents with accurate and relevant data like Connect+ offers integrated b2b data that simplifies the process of generating high-quality leads effectively. So, if you are facing similar challenges in quality lead generation then you must take the help of Connect+ which offers you an integrated b2b database as per your business needs. By doing so, you can get access to the most relevant b2b data that has the contact details of those people who are genuinely interested in buying from you resulting in saving the time of your sales and marketing agents plus your sales get amplified too.

Once your sales and marketing agents start using the Connect+ clean, accurate, and relevant integrated b2b data they can confidently identify and capture those leads/prospects that are genuinely interested in buying, which means the lead generation gets more target-oriented. It also enables you to create and run email marketing campaigns that are more target-oriented. So by applying this approach it helps them in shooting emails to the most relevant leads that are most likely to buy and genuinely interested in what is being offered through emails. Hence, the process of lead generation not only gets target-oriented but also the chances of emails’ open rate getting better which eventually results in better sales. Connect+ integrated sales-ready database enables your sales and marketing executives to establish a strong and direct personalized relationship with the most relevant organizations & key stakeholders. Marketers with accurate information about the target audience can connect instantly with those who make buying decisions on behalf of their firms. By incorporating the Connect+ b2b directory the sales and marketing teams can target those clients that looking for something related to what your business is offering through emails.

Besides the above-mentioned advantages, Connect+ accurate data also makes the job of sales and marketing executives easy in to measure their own performance accurately. Isn’t it depressing of doing some job exceptionally well and later fail to measure its outcome? By using Connect+ integrated data your sales and marketing agents can easily create and run email campaigns that are highly measurable. By saying measurable means by using Connect+ integrated database your emails get received by the right email recipients which enable the sales and marketing experts in analyzing the open rate, click rate, and the number of email recipient who subscribes and unsubscribed to the marketing emails.

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