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Improve Efficiency through SalezShark Marketing automation for real estate agents

Job Responsibilities of an automated Real estate agent are very vast, including responsibilities from guiding to assisting sellers in helping them find the best house in their budget. It is also the responsibility of a real estate agent to determine the needs and financial abilities to provide their customer with the best service.

On an average day at work, an automated real estate agent gets 20% of the time performing these duties, whereas 80% goes to unproductive work. So, if your agents are also underperforming, then it's time to upgrade them with Marketing automation for real estate agents.

How does marketing automation for real estate agent works?

Boost Productivity with Marketing automation for real estate agents

The real estate business is a highly complex business where you will have to meet the expectations of your clients. When we talk about real estate productivity, it's not all about booking more listings. To make your employee more productive, you will have to look deep into your processes and system to figure out which aspects are more important from your business point of view.

Your first step to boosting the productivity of your real estate agent is through proper time management. On average real estate agents have to monitor three to four tools to manage their administrative tasks like manually adding leads to real estate CRM, contacting these leads, then scheduling visits, sending professional emails, and following up with these leads. Using marketing automation for real estate agents will help by reducing your task to the essential ones which directly impact your business.

Marketing automation for real estate agents

All these tasks daily consume a lot of time and produce working efficiency, By using Marketing automation for real estate agents, one can automate these tasks. Marketing automation for realtors software also helps real estate agents distinguish between important and urgent tasks from other tasks so that your agents can prioritize them and perform them first. They can schedule various tasks by using its automation feature, which helps you meet the deadlines and manage your task and projects in a more organized manner.

Marketing automation for real estate agents' software helps you tag their customers according to the category. These tags can send automatic professional emails, follow-ups, and relevant content. This content helps them nurture their leads. Real estate agent automation can schedule their appointments at their convenience to keep their cost at a minimum.

According to the survey, 85% of the companies have already started their digital transformation to build result-oriented strategies which help them in generating leads from various channels like social media, offline, online, etc. Marketing automation for realtors allows real estate agents automation to create and manage high-quality leads constantly. It also helps them stay updated with current market trends like the rising of mortgages, the rise of homeownership, the growth of tier I & II cities, etc., which significantly impact the market.

Other ways through which a marketing automation software ease the life of real estate agent are:

  • ●   It helps them to engage with their clients
  • ●   Provide a better communication with their colleagues
  • ●   Integrate with various tools
  • ●   It helps keep track of their prospects
  • ●   Predict sales
  • ●   Help generate content according to their client's requirements
  • ●   Help negotiating contracts
  • ●   Assistance in resolving queries of their clients
  • ●   Help to schedule their property visits
  • ●   Helps track website visitors

Use Marketing automation
for real estate agents to predict sales

Marketing automation for real estate agents uses the latest technology to generate high-quality leads

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Real estate agent automation Ideas
to close more deals

Automation is a potent tool that helps increase efficiency by letting you perform more work in a shorter span of time. It takes your business operations and marketing from good to great. It enables you to manage work and your employees so that they can be more productive.

Here are a few ways through which you can implement automation in your real estate business to boost your productivity and company growth.

Lead generation via Website

The best part of digital marketing is it market your business even when you are sleeping. You can use your website to capture new leads by creating a form linked to your CRM. it can be a straightforward form. You can also make a call back request where a user submits his contact information for a call from your company.

Open House leads generations

You can collect your visitor's information in real-time connected through your CRM. This lead information can be used to send automated emails, regular follow ups, and related content, which helps in lead nurturing.

Lead Generation through various channels

If you are still relying on a single way to lead generations, you are seriously missing a lot of business. To stay ahead of your competitors, you have to maximize the use of every channel for capturing leads. Real estate marketing automation for realtors software does not only help you to generate leads from different media and allows you to follow up and nurture these leads.

Synchronize leads to your phone

Empower your sales and marketing team with real-time lead capturing, which they can access with their phones.

Automate lead routing

You can use automated lead routing features to automate assign your leads to your agents depending upon the geographical locations or their seniority level.

Activity-based Email

Marketing automation for real estate agent software lets you send automated emails to your clients depending on their activities. Not only this, you can only use automatic reply features to answer your customers' queries in no time.

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Real estate marketing automation multi-channel approach

If you are a real estate agent, you should use marketing automation not because your competitor is using it but because this software has some serious benefits for your business. As an agent, this software helps you increase your conversion rates through a multi-channel approach. Apart from landing pages, you can use other modes like SMS campaigns, push notifications, mobile alerts, e-books, pop-ups, and social sharing for lead generations.

Referrals are the essential lead-generating medium in the case of real estate agencies. Around 80% of the leads are generated through referrals only. Marketing automation for realtors helps you provide professional services to your customers, which will amplify their experience and help in building trust in your services.

Marketing automation for real estate agents

Choosing the right real estate automation

Today the market is full of various automation tools and software. Most of you have been using these tools to make your life easier. Automation helps us save a lot of time and reduces the complexity of our work. If the options overwhelm you, then it's time for you to switch to the most trusted marketing automation for real estate agents. SalezShark helps agents by reducing the work's complexity, making them more efficient.

It boosts their performances by assisting them in identifying the best leads from the available leads. By using various real estate automation features, they can nurture these leads and successfully convert them into prospective customers. Your agent can use this software to track every activity of your prospects and lets you record every communication that helps you in providing improved services to your customers.

Marketing automation for real estate agents

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