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Do you know how fruitful lead scoring is above any other marketing strategy? The right lead nurturing lead scoring CRM can align your teams in an ideal line, making your entire business more effective than ever before. SalezShark tool for lead scoring can gauge your lead quality by enabling you to prioritize your leads and nurture them accordingly.


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Significance of SalezShark lead scoring tools

The process of ranking the sales readiness of each lead applying a predetermined methodology is called sales lead scoring. It begins with identifying the criteria or data points that depict a sales-qualified lead. After that, point values are assigned to each of the recognized criteria. As a result, you get a final score for every lead. Now to accomplish this whole process, a system has been specially devised known as a lead scoring CRM. It works with other software such as lead capture, CRM, and landing page builders. The best Lead scoring platform “SalezShark” implements a unique strategy to aid businesses to determine the potential of each business opportunity and work accordingly. Let’s move ahead toward the scenarios where this system can go wrong.

Using one-dimensional scoring

The lead handing system should be capable enough to make a differentiation between different elements like demographics, behavior, and firmographics, you can get a skewed picture if all these factors are combined in a single value. For instance, you may locate a high lead score from reading/downloading content, but they may be from the wrong company size or industry to match any of your products. Therefore, you must go for at least two scoring dimensions.

Inaccurate lead information

This process of scoring leads starts when you receive information about your prospect via a web form. But the problem arises when you don’t have correct information about every prospect. There may exist many reasons behind that. You should prioritize this information as per your need. Never bombard a prospect with a bunch of questions on the first meet. Instead, you can go for progressive profiling to get more accurate answers as the relationship becomes more healthy.

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How do SalezShark lead scoring tools
help to acquire potential leads?

As we have understood that scoring and nurturing your leads is a tedious process and not everyone is so convinced to purchase it for lead nurturing. Therefore, it’s time for you to understand how the SalezShark tool for lead scoring is a reliable platform that aids B2B marketing and sales teams. Know how SalezShark leverages the entire process for the growth of small and medium businesses.


Lead Engagement
with automating lead funnel

This automated system assigns lower scores to generic engagement activities and high scores to sales-centric activities. Depending upon the custom models, different scores are assigned to the custom activities also. This automated software achieves automated lead funnel movement successfully. It locates the overall engagement of your leads to know the status of your sales and marketing activities. This enables you to understand how well they have been working to hold your customers’ interest in your products and services.


How to identify up-sell opportunities for
nurturing sales-ready leads?

SalezShark not only tracks lead activities but also helps in lead nurturing and lead scoring. You can use these scores to filter your leads to know who are more interested to purchase from your panel. You even receive on-time notifications whenever any existing customer wants to buy something from you. The high lead score area is also known as sales-ready leads. These leads need to be nurtured on time before they get missed out from the sales reps’ hands. Therefore, SalezShark helps the marketing team to identify and nurture them quickly.


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