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Customer engagement is an incredible element required for the success of your business as it foretells how successful sales you can make. Many brands all across the globe often overlook customer engagement which acts as a key to engaging past, present, and future customers with their brand. Customer engagement is driven by using various advanced technologies & sales automation software nowadays like “SalezShark Engage” which empowers & inspires various brands in elevating their customer engagement efforts to new heights.

SalezShark Sales automation software improves Customer Engagement

“SalezShark Engage” is powerful and intuitive sales automation software. It helps you automate and streamline manual business processes that help you to save time on routine administrative work and you can focus more on driving customer engagements. It not only keeps your customer data organized but also helps in delivering personalized experiences to your customers which improves engagements.


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SalezShark Engage integrates the chat process that helps you to address your customer queries instantly through chat and generate curiosity among them to know about your product and services. From the system directly you can chat with your customers and keep a track of chats for future reference.


SalezShark Engage integrates your email process that enables your team of sales and marketing executives to draft and run email marketing campaigns directly from the system and can engage with customers through rigorous follow-up emails. Hence it helps in building a personalized relationship with prospects and existing customers through email integration.

Lead Connector

SalezShark CRM for sales automation enables you to manage all your leads under a unified platform. It automates the process of lead capturing which connects the system to all social media portals, business landing pages, websites, etc. It captures all the leads coming from different business portals and registers them automatically into the system that saving a lot of time.


SalezShark CRM for sales automation integrates your telephony application that eases the job of your sales and marketing agents to easy to make calls directly from the system and bridge the gap between phone and CRM. Here you can keep a track of call activities as all the calls dialed get automatically recorded in the system.

Third-Party Data Search

Get access to complete information of your leads coming from Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, etc. in a single click. SalezShark Engage integrates these 3rd party applications that help you in avoiding multiple sign-in to different portals. Hence, it helps you to search, identify & import relevant contacts easily from these 3rd party applications.

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Analytics and Dynamic Reporting


Leverage the power of SalezShark CRM analytics that offers you real-time based reports on various sales, marketing, and business activities in the form of a Dashboard. This feature of Dashboard is dynamic in nature that showcases real-time reports entailing business insights in the form of tables, charts & graphs. Hence, it offers you a bird’s eye view of various campaigns’ overall performance.



A unique feature of SalezShark sales automation CRM software that motivates your sales agents by keeping a track of their performance and showcasing their performance results on the system. It brings transparency and increases the competitive spirit among your team of sales agents. It also helps senior managers to track the performance of the overall team and individual sales agents.


Standard & Custom Reports

These reports are very helpful for you at the time of presentations. In a few clicks, you can get these auto-generated reports entailing the real-time insights of business process performance that help in analyzing trends and identifying potential issues before they impact business growth.


Get SalezShark Relationship Intelligence

SalezShark Relationship Intelligence Software

Know what your prospects and existing customers want by gaining access to intelligent insights offering you their buying behavior and preferences information. By leveraging the power of the SalezShark Relationship intelligence platform you can easily get access to these intelligent insights on activities performed on different leads.

SalezShark Data Cloud (Relationship on Leads & Accounts)

Keep your data organized and stored safely on the SalezShark data cloud that is easy to access anytime from anywhere. You can also update your existing database from SalezShark Data Cloud contextual intelligence i.e. leads’ any extra information and the organization they belong to.

Social Intelligence on Leads & Accounts

Get a thorough understanding of all advanced and latest trends of your targeted businesses and your target audiences’ areas of interest that helps you to showcase your products and services as a solution to their needs. This social intelligence helps you in nurturing leads effectively and converting them quickly into customers.

Transform the way you sell

SalezShark playing a vital role in transforming the way of selling for the last decade now. It has been found the way of selling has been changed a lot with the pace of time. With the arrival of SalezShark sales automation, the way of selling products and services is completely different. The dynamics of the sales world are transforming every now and then. Businesses are facing multiple challenges when it comes to quality lead generation and lead conversion. However, the organizations that have implemented sales automation tools as an integral part of their business are reaping the maximum benefits in terms of enhanced sales and revenue.

The arrival of the internet has also impacted the way of selling products and services to consumers now. Consumers are way smarter now and do not simply trust the words of a sales executive. Before making any purchase decision of any product or service they surf multiple web pages, go through customer feedback, and also check numerous social media portals of businesses to compare products, services, and prices. Consumers today not only look for good products or services but also experience that they are worth cherishing for a longer period of time.

SalezShark in such scenarios is proving out to be very helpful to all businesses irrespective of their sizes-small, medium, or large and irrespective of any industry they belong to. It offers some unique features that harness the power of advanced technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics that have been helpful not only in the lead generation process but also in enhancing lead conversion effectively. It is also helpful in lead generation as it has the power to integrate chat, telephony, and email processes that boost inbound lead generation. Also with the feature of a landing page, it enhances the lead generation process where consumer clicks on a business ad and land on the landing page where he/ she gets complete information on the product or service and are also get encouraged to fill his/ her vital information so a sales rep can contact consumers to showcase products and service in a better-personalized manner. Thus quality lead generation happens with the help of sales automation tools.

SalezShark CRM also enhances the lead conversion process as it allows the sales rep to streamline the leads in a sales funnel. Here a sales funnel gives a pictorial view to the sales reps of all the leads they worked on previously and still working on. Based on the number and kind of interactions made with leads sales reps can move the leads into the sales funnel. This approach helps the sales rep to keep a track of all leads in one go which saves a lot of time and also the chances of missing any lead become almost negligible. Hence, the lead conversion process gets enhanced with the help of SalezShark sales automation.

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