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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a strategic tool that any organization uses to understand who their customers are and how they interact with their business. However, to make the most out of your CRM, you must ensure it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your technology stack. In the CRM domain, integration acts as the bridge or a single point of contact between two different software applications enabling them to work together. Integrations enable you to share and exchange information across platforms so you don’t need to juggle between applications or add duplicate information over and over again.

Empowering your CRM Integration system with integrations makes it much smarter, and increases the likelihood of your sales and marketing agents using your CRM appropriately because there is no learning curve in using their existing software. Integrations make your job easy whether they are embedded in the CRM natively, through webhooks, or through third-party applications. Salezshark CRM software is highly customizable that integrates seamlessly with 3rd party applications making your business processes more effective. SalezShark CRM integration enables you to segment leads and existing clients more precisely, strengthen customer-facing user features for obtaining authorized account details, and automate sales and marketing activities. SalezShark CRM integration fuels your business growth and enables you to:

  • Get organized by centralizing your communications and calendar activities.
  • Save time by spending less of your day importing/exporting contacts and activities.

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Welcome to the world of SalezShark CRM integrations

Connect with SalezShark CRM Company Integration for your business growth

Your business website is your window to the world. This is the place where you build relationships with your past, present, and future customers. Hence, to manage these relationships more effectively, integrating a website into the CRM is a must. Fortunately, SalezShark CRM website integration offers a detailed API, which allows that very easily. It majorly helps in lead capturing from a website and also makes your job easy to create and manage support cases.

Build instant connections with customers through SalezShark CRM company integration


By integrating your chat process with the SalezShark CRM Integration system you can establish direct and instant relationships with your prospects and existing customers. This integration enables you to address all sorts of customers’ enquiries and create curiosity among leads to know about various products and services through chat. Hence, directly from the CRM, you can chat with your customers.

SalezShark CRM with Google

By connecting SalezShark CRM to Google Analytics you can easily measure the performance of your website that helps in enhancing the performance of your marketing campaigns. This integration helps you to create custom reports, segments, and remarketing audiences by fetching more detailed individual customer insights.

SalezShark CRM email integration


Integrating your email process with SalezShark CRM interface enables you to automate email campaigns and establish strong relationships with past, present, and future customers. It offers integrated email templates that make the job of mass email creation easy. This CRM email integration also helps your sales professional in scheduling & sending follow-up emails to prospects and existing customers by automating the workflow.

Make calls directly from the SalezShark CRM Integration system


You can easily integrate your telephony process with SalezShark CRM Company Integration. It enables your sales and marketing professionals to make calls directly from the CRM system and bridge the gap between phone and CRM. Not only this, but it also helps the senior management professionals to track call activities and recordings that automatically get logged in the CRM system.

Connect SalezShark CRM to your Facebook account

SalezShark integration with Facebook helps your business to know your buyers' profiles by getting a deeper insight into the ways your potential buyers interact with your product on Facebook. You can generate relevant leads by identifying which products are more liked by the users on your Facebook page. This CRM Company Integration helps you save time and reduce the cost per lead by automatically downloading all leads into your SalezShark CRM software.

3rd party data integration


SalezShark CRM interface integrates with Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, etc. in a single click that enables your sales and marketing team to simplify the data search by integrating all the leads from these 3rd party applications. It enables you to search, identify & import relevant contact details of customers into SalezShark CRM and you can start building relationships with them.

Connect SalezShark CRM to &

SalezShark CRM integration system with real estate portals like & MagicBricks makes your lead generation and lead capturing process a cakewalk. All the leads from these portals get automatically captured and imported to the SalezShark CRM system with the help of these integrations that result in avoiding the hassle of signing in on real estate portals individually.

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