CRM Software in Chennai

Every business is built on personal relationships. Over the years, our customer rapport often involves direct communications – be it calls, emails, F2F meetings, discussion over coffee, late dinner and lot more. However, during this unprecedented pandemic, our client relationship continues to grow with other virtual mediums where the safety of our employees and clients is our foremost concern. At SalezShark, we comprised a team of talented individuals devoted to different sphere of operations, sales, marketing, and technical to contribute more in building the sales & marketing processes & tools to prove revenue & consistent growth for the next business stage.
From initial innovation to design, our ace SalezShark consultants can help your organization create a success roadmap and guide you through every step of the business cycle. We aim to be your trusted CRM partner through strategic consulting, design, and implementation management, as you progress through your success journey.

What’s Inside our SalezShark Services
  • Consulting

    Fast track your business cycle with tailored CRM solutions and strategy to keep pace with the current needs.

  • Improvement

    Leverage the intensity of Custom applications with customized SalezShark solutions according to the business requirements.

  • Quick & Responsive

    Increase productivity, boost revenue and upgrade your business workflows with SalezShark Cloud Services.

  • No Partner/Implementation Cost

    Direct implementation from SalezShark experts with no involvement of third party that offers enhanced security experience.

  • Support

    Ensuring high end-user adoption with round the clock monitoring, maintenance, and handhold support services.

Benefits of using CRM systems


With SalezShark CRM software, automate and map your entire lead process from capturing, conversion and closing the sales cycle. SalezShark is robust & hassle-free CRM software to pivot the modern business requirements and offers impactful results by integrating marketing and sales together.

  • Store all your customer contacts, activities and documents at one place.
  • Automate and structured work process.
  • Controls view/edit lead data capture fields.
  • Boost productivity & track the real-time sales performance via leaderboard.
  • Check/edit calendars, appointments, activities and meeting attendance on the go.
  • Manage your to-do-list for any personal/business information.
  • Customized reports can be created to gain meaningful insights into your data.
  • Manage your team’s productivity & responsiveness with dynamic & customized dashboard.

CRM Features

Making business easier for you!

  • Up to 35% increase
    in sales closure

  • Best Usability Software 2020 Software Suggest

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    4.6 Star Rating
    by Capterra

  • Quick Turnaround
    on Customer Support