The Perfect CRM Proposal that is Hard to Refuse

Written By salezshark

Published on February 15, 2019

With the changing requirement in sales processes, leading industry experts forecast the global customer relationship management (CRM) software and services market is expected to grow at an accelerated rate. Here we are giving you 6 CRM approach to woo your customers. The Perfect CRM Proposal that is Hard to Refuse.

The Perfect CRM Proposal that is Hard to Refuse

  1. Time to Start Afresh

In the fast paced world of technology, generally salespeople struggle to consolidate customer information with the manual process of call logs, sharing emails, maintaining spreadsheets of pipeline data, cluttering office desk with sticky notes and scheduling demos & appointments via calendars. When the need arises, it becomes infeasible to connect to the lead as sales guys get puzzled to accumulate bits and pieces into one central source of information. It becomes challenging to track the sales stage and unsustainable to nurture client relations.

CRM is not just limited to client-server solution but enhanced its usage in the cloud computing era that bought significant lead management guidelines and, commoditization in the back office system as well. The one-time investment in CRM compiles customer information and sales’ cycle on one platform to improve employees’ performance, alongside building customer relationships for the long run. This all-in-one sales platform acts as the gateway to analyze your sales analytics report, boost your productivity and build better coordination between teams.

2. Take Relationship to the Next Level

In this world of business, our customers are our bread and butter. The large chunk of customer pays our salary by buying the products or services and that is how keeps the wheels of business moving. CRM refers to contact management database that is designed to assist businesses manage all of their customer relationships better. However, when applied to sales it brings out a greater significance by providing a revenue increase of 45% per salesperson.

By adopting crm at your organization, it not only takes to your customer relationship to next level but boosts productivity, saves time and sets the top salespersons apart from the rest. The best CRMs are those that enhance communication, provide real-time insight data, capable of in-depth customization and determining the actionable knowledge that can be used to assist build influential campaigns.

3. Always be Ready

Switch to smart technology by accessing the CRM functionalities through mobile which lets you be ready for quick leads, sales analytics and email campaigns, at anytime and anywhere. In this mobile generation, when people are spending minimum 3 hours on their mobiles every day, it is evident for sales representatives and marketers to add the CRM mobile app on their homescreen as well.

Having access to real-time data, mobile CRM assists salespeople to manage sales, find new opportunities with a swipe and stay connected with leads and clients at the same time.  When you stick to your mobile CRM more, you are likely to sell more, perform better, drive healthy sales pipeline and more responsive to clients. Having updated with every single notification on sales stage, you will enable productivity, better customer retention and shorter sales cycle.

4. Be a Smooth Listener

Over and over years, every organization is focused on customer satisfaction and listens to their queries with all the ears. Having a satisfied customer is imperative but ignoring employee grievances and suggestions is equal to digging a long grave for oneself. Since employees are the face of your organization and add value to your business, it is primarily one of the major objectives to build employee engagement that facilitates productivity and efficiency.

Once the CRM is implemented, ask your employees to share the feedback. Yes, this time we are focusing on employees’ feedback to analyze the pros and cons of CRM because they would be the end users and their experience and satisfaction will eventually enhance the user interface as well. Despite CRM is considered as the essential tool for any organization, at times there are some required customizations and technological developments for improving users’ efficiency. However, such amendments can only be addressed once the issues will be identified; areas that require immediate attention and proposed resolutions that are shared by the CRM provider.

5. Bigger, the Better

With the big crm data, you can attract more customers, store more customer information, execute thousands of marketing campaigns and generate millions of sales effectively. You could say that a CRM is the train combining sales, customer service and marketing together, and the CRM database is the track on which it runs.

The comprehensive database of big and small companies is influencing strategies for customer analytics, business intelligence and business insights. It’s also important that your CRM database software includes eminent support that you can reach out at any time. In the mobile age, you should be ready with 24/7 telephone support, email ticket support, online chat bot, and very quick turnaround times so you can use your database whenever the need arises.

6. Be Social 

Having social media integration in your crm, it lets you connect with your digital consumers and act as a gateway to share brand experiences – either promoting products/services or expressing grievances.  To develop full-fledged marketing strategy, companies are investing their time in storing customer sentiments, such as the feasibility of recommending our products, or getting to know the customer satisfaction.

To get a single glance of customer’s insights, companies try to integrate social CRM data with other customer data attained from marketing or sales departments. Based on past communications with customers, you can quickly scroll down to the customer data, deliver quick customer service and nurture better relationships with clients in the future.