Secrets of 5 Greatest Marketers of All Time

Written By salezshark

Published on June 28, 2017

In this turbulent business world, one gets to witness a great deal of ups and downs before attaining prolific success, something that can be garnered through striking the iron when it’s hot. Today you might be armed with the Best CRM Software, learning from the best would always provide you with a fresher perspective to capitalize on a variety of situations. Therefore, below mentioned are few of the invaluable lessons endorsed by the best marketers the industry had pleasure in hosting:

Tim Ferriss: Make the huge promise
Current-age marketing messiah, Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, has taught us the importance of building a hype. He aptly understood the basic trope of human nature- we love to consume huge, hyped up promises, even when we know they’re insanely unrealistic. The big promise of having anything in four hours, according to him, is darn appealing. His secret to work: you may be working 60 hours a week, but you’re getting twice as much work done thanks to Tim. Tim taught us that you can promise the stars and still make people happy if you can help them hit the moon.

David Ogilvy: Never stop testing

When it comes to advertising, there’s no one beyond the fame and charm of David Ogilvy. Considered as the “Father of Advertising”, there are innumerable lessons of his, that we can emulate in real life. He invented the “split test,”- two versions of an ad were published, but “keyed” with a distinctive factor for consumers to respond for winning ad to be identified and rolled out. The importance of testing stands great, when it comes to marketing and advertising. One of his most famous quotes: “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”

Michael Phelps: Be the best at one thing

Well, this must have surprised you as Michael Phelps is not a marketer in the classic sense. Yet one valuable lesson that he has taught us is importance of being brilliant at one specific task. His dexterity over swimming has made him the most medalled Olympian of all time, garnering an opportunity to speak to the President, receiving sponsors including Rosetta Stone, Subway and Visa, and more than $100 million in endorsements in 2012 alone. Lesson: Jack of all trades is really master at none; hence it is good in committing to being the world’s best at one thing.

Walt Disney: Have the people making it, use it

Walt Disney has been an enigmatic figure in our lives, from his creations to his ingenious marketing, to build an empire that is worth writing tomes about. Certainly, creating the remarkable bunch of Disney Worlds that could literally market itself. The best part?  Walt Disney had both corporate and park employees test the rides before they opened to the public. In 1967, one employee rode The Pirates of The Caribbean and told Disney that something just wasn’t right and Disney had him ride repeatedly until the employee could pinpoint the problem. Reminiscing his roots from the south, the employee added that nights on a bayou were usually filled with fireflies, something that was lacking here. Walt added simulated fireflies to the attraction and the ride continues to be one of the most popular one in the park, even today.

Seth Godin: Be remarkable

Amongst the current crop of marketing gurus, no one has left a deeper impact than Seth Godin. The entrepreneur-cum-author taught us that people are attracted to the remarkable and in order to appeal to the market, you have to be different. It is not just enough to get someone’s attention; you have to run the extra mile to get attention. This can be done by being the purple cow in a field of black and white Jersey cattle. Godin is remarkable enough to get—and keep—people’s attention, through his cleaver insights in to the market paired up with zany street smarts.


What we have brought out above is nothing out of the world- these are simple tricks that any marketer can use to boost his chances in staying at the top. Paired up with Top CRM Software, these lessons can be just the thing you needed for the increased sales.