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Gain access to a platform empowering you with a premium human-verified database to do limitless prospecting. Create auto mailing lists and send email campaigns through its marketing outreach tool in a few clicks.


Connect+ features coming together like a well-oiled machine

Leverage the features of SalezShark Connect+ that work together like a well-oiled machine to save your time and provide desired marketing success.

Contact Management 

Contact management gives you a clear picture of each contact entailing their vital information like name, email, location, industry, age, gender, etc. It offers you details of contacts describing how your contacts have interacted with your brand in the past, issues they have faced, etc. which enables you to draft and run personalized email marketing campaigns.

Smart List Management 

Say no to the hassle of segmenting your contacts manually. Connect+ segments your contacts based on their demographics, buying behavior, preferences, etc. that helps you to create well-targeted, personalized emails email marketing campaigns. It also automatically manages the bounce & unsubscribe list & provides reports on its performance. 

Pre-saved Templates

Be in constant touch with your prospects in their buying journey & nurture your relationship with them by getting access to a range of pre-saved email templates that are highly customizable & helps in creating highly personalized email marketing campaigns that resonate with the pain points of your customers

Email Marketing

Reinvent your entire customer experience by not only automating your email marketing process but create compelling email marketing campaigns that resonate with the needs & expectations of your target audience. You don’t need to be a tech wizard, create thousands of personalized marketing campaigns with just a drag-and-drop functionality.

Campaign 360° (Email Analytics)

In a few clicks gauge the performance of your marketing campaigns by getting real-time updates. Analyze your email marketing efforts by tracking & downloading its list of active receivers & leverage its metrics helping you to know the open rate, click rate, drop rate, & bounce rate of emails. 

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