Sales is not just about Selling: It’s lot more than that

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Sales

In case you have ever been on the receiving end of a sales pitch, you would understand that it can often be boring.

Many sales professionals like to talk and they frequently do it without any modulation. This leads to an automated, robotic tone which most of the time sounds unexciting to a prospect. Today, you absolutely need automation tools such as a Sales Management Software and more but you surely do not want to sound automated.

Therefore, it’s time for you to incorporate a few techniques to overcome such odds in your conversation with a customer. Below mentioned are a few such techniques that will also aid you to understand that sales is not just about selling.


In the flow of a pitch, many sales executives tend to ignore what the customer has to say. This leads to zilch acknowledgment.

Acknowledgment is an outward expression of an inward understanding. You should acknowledge your customer on each step to ensure that they feel heard. Be actively vocal in telling them that you understand, without ignoring any of their dialog.

Remember this mantra- “Actively listen to them.


Responding to a customer well in- time makes them understand that you are there.

When you call a restaurant to order food and they say “we will get it delivered at the earliest”, definitely sounds good and builds a sense of satisfaction. Similarly, each customer wants a quick reply.

In case, you have promised to share some information or a call back, do it in-time. A long wait or a delay in your reply encourages them to look for other options and in today’s competitive environment, that’s a big no.

Tip: Treat all replies to your customer as ‘urgent’ to respond well.


When you have been wronged, you have a story to tell. Likewise, a customer also wants to tell their story. By empathising, you unload the burden off their chest. This gives you an opportunity to build a rapport and alongside, empowers you to go an extra- mile, beyond sales.

Empathy is the art to see a situation through customer’s eyes. It is an important ingredient that each sales executive should progressively add, as and when required in a conversation.

Tip: Half your battle is won, once you match a customer’s tone and empathise to make him or her feel understood.


In a sales arena, it is very common to come across a customer who has a complain about the previous executive. “The executive was in a hurry”, “He forcefully urged me to buy the product”. Being a sales rep, you must have heard such phrases bazillion times.

Customers who are irate, may not give you a chance to pitch unless you listen and solve such pending concerns. Besides solving them, there is one more thing you can do.

Tip: Sales is not just about selling! So, go ahead and sympathise with such customers. They really need it!

Along with their needs, buyers come with emotional wants and buying fears. They would want to hear a voice which is more acknowledging, response- based and understanding.

Currently, you incorporate technologies such as a Sales CRM or a Lead Management CRM Tool. But, combine these with the above techniques to easily close sales alongside, harness more and more customers.

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