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CRM Software in India

By integrating email marketing with the best CRM software in India, you can boost your ROI by creating user-engaging email marketing campaigns. Say goodbye to traditional marketing techniques, and welcome the SalezShark Email Marketing CRM to identify the leads that can be converted into paying customers. Now, you can send personalized email marketing campaigns with the stored CRM data that will drive high customer engagement and retention in less time.

What is an email marketing CRM system?

When we employ the use of email marketing in the customer relationship management system, it improves the functionality of your CRM software to make prospect outreach highly successful. And it becomes possible only by personalizing your emails. 

The primary objective of Email marketing CRM is to stay ahead of your competitors in the market by presenting the best products to your target audience. It can be accomplished by making the most out of your prospect’s data stored in the SalezShark CRM software in India such as gender, professional background, website history, purchase behavior age, etc. This will enable your team to create tailored emails that can resonate with your prospects’ requirements as well as areas of interest.

CRM email marketing is the fusion of email marketing software and customer relationship management software that can more relevant and effective client communications. Many CRM platforms allow only a basic level of email, directly sent to an individual contact from the CRM user.

Benefits of Email marketing CRM Software

Irrespective of using newer communication channels and social networking sites, marketers like to rely on email campaigns no matter whether you are running a small business, mid-size or large organization. For every $1, you can generate $38 ROI via email marketing CRM software in India. As per the recent estimation, SalezShark email marketing CRM keeps increasing ROI for 5 years in a row.

The SalezShark Email marketing CRM system always brings better results:

  • The Best CRM tool makes your outreach to your prospects highly appealing since you collect more prospects’ data that helps you to create a holistic view of that prospect to send appropriate emails based on it.
  • Email marketing CRM at SalezShark helps in personalizing communication journeys for prospects by managing the frequency of their emails accordingly. It enables prospects to value your time and info included in your emails instead of considering them as spam messages.
  • SalezShark CRM Software in India consists of pre-designed email templates, helpful for marketers in sending visually appealing messages to their clients.
  • Using the best Email marketing CRM, you can create responsive emails that can be optimized for different devices including tablets, desktops, mobile phones to improve customer experience.

What is email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation means creating and sending promotional campaigns in an automated mode. Now the question is to what extent, this marketing automation advantageous for your business? By automating emails, you save the time and efforts of your marketers in sending new emails each time whenever any customer shows interest in your products and services. 

Advantages of email automation for marketing

  • Creates segmented mailing lists for ease of access.
  • Quickly convert leads into paying customers.
  • Maintain engagement with your new and existing customers.
  • Improves work efficiency.
  • Increases transaction rate.
  • Enhance revenue by using transactional emails.
  • Easily integrate with the customer purchasing cycle.

How does email marketing automation work?

Email marketing automation revolves around your triggers and actions. Whenever you trigger any event, a specific email or bunch of emails are drafted and sent to the concerned clients. This series of automated emails depends upon the total number of marketing actions you want to automate. The marketers need to be as creative as they want the content type that they are going to send to their subscribers. To get the benefits of email marketing automation, you require an email flow (a series of automated messages sent to a subscriber based on the specific customer data) using a reliable email service.

This strategy is the best CRM tool tactic that helps your business to send the right emails to your potential leads at the right time according to the information you have gathered about them.

Keeping track of your leads, monitoring their activities like time of engagement with your brand, your marketers can easily create insights to set them as triggers while sending them the most relevant messages. 

Email marketing automation is beneficial for both B2B email campaigns and B2C companies. Both need an automation flow to send re-engagement emails, welcome emails, or feedback request email messages. So, when are you going to buy the best Email marketing CRM software for your company?

Wrap Up

Choosing the right Email Marketing CRM software in India just like SalezShark CRM will be hassle-free as well as painless for your sales and marketing teams. To dig more, you can sign up to our platform so that our experts can connect with you to offer a list of our CRM integrations useful for your business growth, authenticity, and reputation.

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