Sales Email vs Cold Call: Which is best to use as per your Data?

Written By salezshark

Published on May 6, 2022

Are you confused about when to use cold calling and sales marketing for your business? Because Cold call or email marketing techniques are the best and most effective techniques for prospecting when appropriately used. Each has its pros and cons. For example, it provides direct responses, whereas email is a cheaper form of marketing where you can acknowledge many perspectives at one time.  

Sales Email

So if you are a marketer and don’t know which marketing strategy will work for you? We will help you determine when to use email and when to use cold calling.  

When to use cold calling?

One major disadvantage of email marketing is that you have no idea when you can expect feedback from your perspective. Generally, promotional emails are ignored and moved to trash until it gets a killer subject line. 

This is when a cold call can be compelling ut helps you establish a deeper conversation with your prospective client. And if you are lucky, you may also get some referrals which are impossible in the case of a sales email.  

Cold calls can be more personal when compared to email if you know your prospect well. It helps you discuss complex situations effectively, which is impossible through sales email. Calling always provides a more personal feeling and ends at a conclusion at a very moment. 

On the other hand, the cold call can be time-consuming and less productive as the person has to perform the same task repeatedly. It will require an extra budget for calling as you will have to pay your telephone bills and payment for the telecaller. One other major drawback is that you may not be able to track your prospects’ activity. 

When to use Sales Email?

If you are looking to maximize your reach with the lowest budget, email is no other alternative. Email can generate $ 38 ROI against $ 1 spend if done correctly. It can create thousands of conversions. According to a survey, the average order value through email is three times that of social media marketing. 

Even sales representatives find email marketing more than any other form of marketing. You can send highly personalized emails either late morning or late afternoon for better open rates and click-through rates. One of the factors which makes email most preferred is you can track your sales email campaigns with the help of various email tracking software like SalezShark. 

It provides valuable insights like the best time to reach your prospects, CTR, and professionally designed templates. This helps you create highly engaging and personalized emails for your targeted audience. You can also get benefits from the automation feature where you will also get benefits from email automation which helps you run your business on auto-pilot mode. 

How to choose between sales email and cold call?    

Time and day of the week

It is essential to schedule your calls and emails to get the best response. If you are a cold caller, better schedule your calls on Thursdays and Fridays after lunch. In the case of email, you can send it 10 minutes before and after work hours. Make sure your email is crisp and to the point.   

The buyer’s persona

While communicating with your audience, you will have to consider various factors like the buyer’s age, type of job, the position of the buyer, and so on. If your buyer is a young professional, contacting him through email would be more preferred and comfortable than cold calling.

Level of prospect

If you are contacting someone who is an executive, then calling them over the phone would be more preferred because he may have assistance for handling their emails. While on the other hand, if you are trying to contact lower-level professionals, an email will be more fruitful.    

Final Thoughts

Whether sales email or cold calling, make sure you cater to an authentic audience. Remember, all aspects are human at last. Therefore, you should have human interaction either by phone or mail.