7 Killer Tactics To Manage Your B2B Database in 2022

Written By salezshark

Published on March 7, 2022

Running B2B businesses is not enough, you must understand this evasive art more beyond this. Don’t restrict yourself like an average entrepreneur. This will help you to better understand your customers’ needs and the services they require. And gradually, it will fill your system with dozens of leads in your B2B database.

B2B Database

Your leads are bread and butter to accomplish success for which you either try to generate fresh leads every day or convert your leads into potential customers. And once you acquire all those customers, your level of happiness rises to boost your morale. B2B database is the only solution to manage all these leads safely and wisely.

Always try to clean your B2B marketing database, maintaining its quality with accurate contact information. You need to segment the information to increase the chances of quickly connecting with your target audience in a fruitful way.

How to manage your B2B database without making mistakes?

Keep your B2B database clean

Always ensure that all the fields of your database are filled out and all information is up-to-date. Today, the marketing landscape has a very high demand from a B2B contact database. And it’s critical to integrate data across various sales and marketing platforms to get rid of data redundancy to create a seamless experience for clients. Therefore, it’s vital to leverage automation to carry out sales and marketing activities for faster customers responses.

Do you review your collected, shared, and analyzed data periodically? Keeping a clean stack of data help B2B marketers handle a cluster of data without getting distracted from their goals. Whatever data you have been gathering in your business database must have the ability to assess the right path for achieving your business goals and grabbing multiple opportunities for your team.

Stay Organized

Data architecture and file organization is always essential task, especially on the enterprise level. Your sales and marketing department needs to sort out every data coming from different sources to make it useful.

Around 49% of B2B marketers make file organization number one priority. You can choose the AI-based B2B contact database offered by SalezShark Connect+ marketing automation platform to bring more data than you’ve ever seen before. You can buy the best B2B contact database from one of the reliable database providers just like SalezShark.

Verify the assigned roles by reviewing your marketing KPI data 

To keep your data organized, try to create dashboard views for easy analysis of ongoing market trends and team performance. While creating your dashboard, always remember your KPI data and metrics to measure performance on your objectives. 

Assign the data roles and corresponding data responsibilities within your business hierarchy. You can authorize a few members to edit the database, giving only read-only views to other roles. Ultimately, only a few team members can access the raw data versions, making it secure and reliable. It will also keep your database consistent, updated, and accurate.

Recognize what’s necessary

The SalezShark sales and marketing automation tools always generate more actionable data for useful marketing insights. 

To bring potential leads from the B2B database, B2B company in India makes a list of essential data points helpful for lead generation and driving high sales. It will help your teams to be on the same page without any confusion. It also makes it easier for small and medium enterprises in India to spread data across various marketing channels.

Segment Your List

Segment your leads based on job title, a past purchase, location, etc relevant to your company’s product. Data segmentation help to save time, money, and other essential resources. Your sales and marketing departments find it easy to make the most out of the information to make it valuable and actionable for further process.

Establish secure data protocol

Decide much before what data format will be most useful for your database. Using the correct formatting will ensure that your free company data is now uniform and can be used successfully across different channels and networks.

A database when integrated with other automation tools acts like the Swiss Army Knife for your entire organization. A list of SME companies follows these steps offered by the SalezShark Connect+ B2B database management team to make the most of it.

Use the segmented information correctly 

After cleaning your CRM and segmenting your data, create isolated email marketing campaigns as per your buyers’ interests. Then, you can move leads through different phases of the buying cycle for lead nurturing.

Wrap Up

Do you want any help bringing more leads to get added to your B2B database? SalezShark Connect+ not helps you in database management but also provides you with the best CRM software to automate your sales and marketing process for faster lead conversion. This is how SalezShark Connect+ will help a business to boost its revenue 5x than before.