It’s Time You Get That Relationship Fostered!

Written By salezshark

Published on September 18, 2015

Ever wondered what is that one thing because of which you may be losing out on sales opportunities? In the digital era of getting everything done at the click of a mouse, we often forget some very small, yet significant aspects to make the optimal use of technology helping fostering our business relationships. Yes, the connections that we make with people of similar interests, play a key role in our lives. Not only personally, but also on the professional front, as we go along, we build several relationships that last for long! However, while working, why do we tend to forget about striking a similar chord with our clients? Well, here comes in the art of relationship building and yes, it does hold a lot of importance in the world of sales and marketing.

Consider this situation- when you make an attempt to understand your customer better, you strike an alliance with them and assure them that you are working towards their success. This gives a beginning to your relationship as they also start cooperating with you, working together to get a solution for the problem. As a result, what you have is a satisfied customer and a long-lasting relationship. However, the story doesn’t end here- in the future when this customer is faced with a similar problem again, he will definitely come back to you to get it resolved. So, now you are re- engaging with your client and getting more revenues from the same customer. Think of multiplying this process several times with several other clients- THIS is the power of building relationships.

It is true that relationships and connections go a long way together, but, the question still remains- how does a sales representative keep a track of numerous accounts, a never-ending list of prospects and the conversations he has had with them? It sure is a mundane task; however, SalesShark’s Relationship Cloud has been built to give an answer to this exact question. It effectively caters to the sales rep’s need for relationship building and engaging with his prospects. It helps him associate with his colleagues’ connections and engage with them in the pursuit of expanding his contact base. Further, by implementing this dynamic platform in your business, you will get an overview of your clients’ Personality Traits with the help of which you can better craft your selling process and leave the everlasting impression of your personality.

Many organizations believe that by getting a CRM they can overcome all hurdles in the way. However, this is not enough! A tool to get relationship intelligence enabling you to build your own relationship cloud is the need of the hour and it’s time your sales team has one of those!

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