Step into the future of marketing with SalezShark CRM software

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Published on December 30, 2021

Marketing plays a vital role in any organization as it helps right from lead generation to establish seamless communication with clients. Customer engagement directly depends on your marketing efforts and to do it strategically you need powerful and intuitive CRM software like SalezShark CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It helps you in enticing your target audience and empowers you to create marketing campaigns that generate curiosity among them to buy your business products and services.

The best part about the SalezShark CRM system is it can be easily customized as per your business and industry-specific needs. It helps you in automating the lengthy and tedious manual marketing activities that allow you to focus more on prospecting your leads. It also helps you in understanding your targeted buyers’ buying preferences, behavior, trends, and so on. Let us explore in detail how SalezShark CRM software makes your marketing efforts effective and boosts customer engagement.

Capture more leads in less time

Manually capturing the leads from multiple sources like websites, web forms, chat, IVR, emails, etc., during the time of high-flow of leads, is a challenging task. It also invites a lot of human errors too. However, the SalezShark lead management tool simplifies your lead capturing process as it:

  • Automatically captures leads from multiple sources so you can get rid of signing-in on multiple platforms to capture leads
  • Leverage seamless integration such as MyOperator & Snapdragon automating the lead capturing from IVR & chat 
  • Help in capturing leads from websites & web forms

Automate & create effective email marketing campaigns

SalezShark CRM system helps you in automating & creating effective email marketing campaigns. Email marketing plays a vital role in building rapport with leads and existing customers. But if done manually, it can be a time-consuming process. SalezShark CRM helps you in it as it:

  • Automate Email marketing process and help you in creating and executing mass emailing campaigns in no time
  • Saves your time in creating personalized emails by offering ready-made email templates that help in personalization
  • Helps you in drafting product messaging that acts as a solution to the pain points of the target audience

Create email contacts list & schedule email campaigns 

While creating the email marketing campaign besides creating the content of emails you should also keep in mind to create a list of contacts that is correct and updated. Here SalezShark CRM system helps you to:

  • Create a detailed email list of contacts from multiple sources
  • Manage and update all the entries in the email contacts list
  • Schedule marketing activities and marketing calendar in advance for specific dates or events

Gauge your marketing performance

Just imagine running marketing campaigns and in the end, you fail to analyze its performance. Isn’t it depressing? Here SalezShark CRM system helps you to:

  • Get access to real-time marketing analytics with a 360* view of marketing campaigns’ performance
  • Track your emails and download the list of active receivers of email campaigns 
  • Analyze email campaigns’ performance entailing email open rate, click rate, drop rate, subscribe, and bounce rate