Email Personalization a key to Connect with Customers during Bad Times!

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Published on June 15, 2020

Using email personalization to connect with customers during bad times and economic uncertainties is a wise step. At present COVID-19 has impacted the economic structure of various businesses and all the businesses are in a confused state whether to halt their email marketing efforts for the moment or continue. During such times businesses should work on their email marketing strategies that enable them to be in touch with their leads and existing customers.  It’s imperative that you communicate with your customers carefully during such times because of a lack of thoughtfulness in communication can do more harm than good. You need to apply an approach of personalization in your emails that helps you to distinguish your messages from COVID-19 opportunism.

Email Personalization

Personalize your email content

Using email personalization to connect with customers during bad times can create wonders when it comes to email marketing. A study stated, using the approach of personalization in emails generate a 15% increase in CTR (Click through Rate) and a 13% increase in conversion. Apart from this, personalized subject lines are also helpful in generating a 20% higher email open rate. Customize your email content that should be different from regular emails. You can make your email content more personalized by crafting a headline of email and body message that is relevant to a specific person.

During a situation like a COVID-19 or any other hard times, you should leave no stone unturned in offering help to your customers through your products and services. If you think your products and services can be helpful to your customers at such times then create and send emails to them with a subject line offering help. Ask your customers regarding how your business can help during hard times, attach a customer survey form with your email where they can share the challenges and issues they are facing and how your business can help them overcome those challenges.

Offer value

Another thing to keep in mind during a hard time or any other pandemic situation is not sending sales-oriented emails containing sales-specific words like guaranteed, free or highest-quality. This is not the right time to lure customers as they are facing some other bigger challenges in their daily lives. Here you need to offer value to them and solution to them through your products and services. Educate them through your emails, how your products and services can do a bit in overcoming the challenges they are facing during hard times. Try to showcase your products and services that act as a solution to their pain points. By using this personalized approach the chances of your emails to be seen by customers get better.

So, think about the emotional state of your customers, try to figure out how you can get them into a more positive state. Try offering them products and services that can make their lives better. Always remember offering something that meets the needs of customers is a great step to build a positive perception of your brand in customers’ minds. Just make sure your emails are empathetic, concise, and relate to the pain points of customers.

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