How Essential Is Customer Loyalty to Your Business

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Published on March 30, 2020

Every business owner wants loyal clients as it results in 3 to 5 times more sales than new clients. However, many times even after building a loyal customer base your business struggles like many other companies. Maybe you’re not looking at the right picture? Perhaps it is not your customer but your business that failed to stay loyal and it’s time to try a new approach to customer loyalty.

Your customers have done their part by buying a product or service from you. Now, the ball is in your court, it’s your responsibility to manage customers and provide better experiences by exceeding their expectations. Only delivering the product or service is not enough, you need to serve customers in such a way they won’t even think about leaving your brand for any other competitor.

Customer Experience

The loyalty that a dog and humans share is something that businesses should inculcate and market to their customers. This may sound weird but read on the following pointers to learn how business should be more like a dog to build customer loyalty.

Be a Good Listener A dog has an inherent quality that makes humans feel like they are not just being heard, but being listened too. Customers expect the business they interact with to listen to them. You can also do the same by making sure your interactions with customers are seamless, is on the channel of customers’ choice, and is easily accessed through social media or your website.

Try to Predict Customer Needs

Dogs and humans may not speak the same language, but many times words are not required. It’s an action that required.  A dog always knows what his master needs and what would make his master feel better, often before the master knows. This act of being proactive and predicting needs generates love and loyalty. Similarly business today use advanced technologies and tools like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and predictive analytics. These tools help businesses to dive deep into insights to understand their customer behavior and deliver the perfect experience to customers.


Dogs never fail to make their masters feel special. Pet dogs greet and interact with many people, but their master always remains number one for them. Your customers also want to feel in the same way. They simply don’t want their needs to be fulfilled but also want a feeling of being privileged and special by choosing your business. Highly personalized interactions act as a key to driving impulse purchases, enhanced revenue, and building a bond of trust. This trust unlocks multiple opportunities for your business to gain repeat customers.

As it is rightly said “A dog is man’s best friend” So, these were a few simple pointers explaining to us what we can learn from a dog and build loyalty with our customers. Emotions play a vital role in connecting and retaining customers. Loyalty from both sides is essential that is only possible by listening, predicting and personalizing. Ultimately, it’s a give and take relationship but the presence of emotional connection makes this bond stronger and long-lasting.