Prepare Your Sales Team for 2016 in 3 Simple Steps

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Sales

As we step into a new year, it becomes crucial for business leaders to progressively access their team’s strengths and weaknesses to weigh their preparedness for the year ahead.

Today, many business leaders empower their sales force with the best-in-class support system, work environment and technology such as Sales CRM and more. However, they often forget to ramp- up efforts at regular intervals to understand and eliminate factors that get in the way of sales readiness.

As a leader, it is your duty to deep- dive or venture into each uncertainty that needs action. Once he encounters the odds, he should reinvent strategies and techniques to overcome them. Today, being a mentor, you have the ability, the expertise and the skill -set to resurrect your team and to prepare them to ambitiously hit the market.

Step 1: Look back on what drove revenue and what didn’t. Prepare a sales talent scorecard to help grade their talent growth year-over-year. Their previous year’s performance will give you a fair idea of how well- equipped they are today to strive and flourish in the coming year.

Accordingly, you can also use past strategies/ insights which helped boost sales.

Step 2:  Prepare your team well ahead of time, instead of just gearing them up to knockout the current competition and challenges. Communicate your long- term goas, establish sessions to share learnings and expertise, leverage case- studies and incorporate tools such as Sales Automation Software, Marketing Automation Software and more.

Step 3: Take a peek into your team’s individual personality traits. Often you’d come across employees who feel nervous, un-excited or come with certain will -issues. This is a common problem that could disrupt your idea to achieve success regardless of the numerous techniques that you form.

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude”- a quote by Zig Ziglar-   Convey the true meaning of this statement to your team. Help them learn that it is the attitude that mostly stands as a snag. Spend time with such employees on a regular basis. A conversation with them will solve a lot of their issues, encouraging and motivating them to diligently work with the right attitude.

Today, such practices are the key to well prepare your team to smash 2016. So, in case you still haven’t checked the preparedness of your team, it’s time to do it now. At present, how effectively you reach a buyer is largely determined by how well your workforce is prepared.

Implement these techniques in your business plan and they will powerfully aid you in your endeavour to fine- prepare your team for the year ahead!

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