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With reference to Sales CRM (customer relationship management), people refer to software or a tool that empowers sales & marketing teams to manage and improve their business relationships with prospects and customers alike. When it comes to sales, a CRM is used to streamline pipeline management. With SalezShark sales CRM, you can securely store a customer database of information and drive more sales.

Implementing a smart CRM is the first step toward running a smarter business. Time spent maintaining spreadsheets for clients and customers could be utilized for productive tasks that can actually help to grow your business. Unlike following the complex sales processes, SalezShark sales CRM provides you with the tools that really matter. Whether you are a freelancer, business consultant, or part of a marketing agency, this sales software from small businesses will allow you to manage projects and contacts all in one convenient place.

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Features help you to use
SalezShark sales CRM software in the first place

Get deeper insights into customer relationships and streamline sales with SalezShark CRM. From efficient communication to easy association, it brings fully customized automated solutions while staying powerful yet intuitive - the perfect blend of intelligence & simplicity!



SalezShark CRM lets you keep everything organized. A centralized database gives your sales & marketing teams a direct way to access all lead and customer communications, giving everyone an insight into progress from the same source of truth - making strategic decisions simpler than ever!



SalezShark helps sales teams boost their success with a 360-degree view of customer relationships. Keep track, close deals faster, and make meaningful connections to improve relationship building - so your customers stay loyal for the long haul!


Duplicate Leads

Accumulate more leads, reduce duplicate entries! Merge Duplicate Leads tool helps you keep your CRM organized by combining similar records into one. Just specify which criteria to look for and the rest is automated - no manual merging required!


Manage All
Your Tasks & Activity

Keep your customer engagement running smoothly with our unbeatable Sales CRM! Complete tasks, schedule meetings, and make calendar adjustments with just a few clicks. Wasn't that easy?


Develop & Sustain Customer Relationships

SalezShark sales management software is the ideal solution for efficient team collaboration and long-term customer success. Streamline daily tasks and keep track of activities easily - join together all your data in one place!


and Dashboards

Get instant insights into your business with our custom-crafted CRM dashboard. Our eye-catching reports and visuals provide up-to-date analysis, curated for you! Plus, it can be accessed from anywhere - giving you the power of real-time data at just a glance.



Dive into your sales data to unlock unlimited opportunities. With the help of a powerful AI-driven tool from SalezShark, analyzing past campaigns and predicting their success for future marketing has never been easier! Unlock endless potential with just one click.



With our Sales Forecasting tool, you can maximize success by making sure the right deal gets priority. Plus, SalezShark helps small businesses plan for greater growth – empowering them to be one step ahead of the competition!



With SalezShark, sales reps and marketers can take their lead management on the go! Keep up with daily tasks like creating leads, making calls, setting reminders for yourself and your contacts. Plus it even syncs prospects via an intelligent locator – maximizing productivity wherever you are.

Powerful SalezShark Sales CRM tools to

Manage Business Growth Effortlessly


Track Deals & Monitor Team

Lead tracking & sales reporting, Follow-up, Scheduling Reminders, win & lose deals, and Lead Analyses on a daily, weekly, monthly & yearly basis.


Task Assignment is Simple

Get reminders for your scheduled demo/meeting via email. Keep track of tasks and upcoming appointments. Assign tasks to team members without knocking at their desks.


Sales Automation

Access lead details from anywhere to ensure high sales performance and increase profitability.


Facilitates Export & Import

It is very simple to import leads from a .csv file to keep yourself away from the manual tasks of data entry and lead assignment.

SalezShark Sales CRM software
makes prospecting painless

Are you facing these challenges?

  • - Trouble strategizing their future sales and marketing plans
  • - Struggle and work under huge pressure to meet targeted sales and marketing numbers
  • - Get de-motivated when targets are not met impacting your overall productivity

Ready to

  • - Make the tasks of your sales and marketing teams easier?
  • - Make more time to focus on driving core sales and marketing tasks?

SalezShark CRM is here to bring you the best solution! Promote painless prospecting & focus more on driving sales and marketing activities with SalezShark.

CRM software harnesses the power of Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics that makes prospecting a painless activity.

Sales and marketing automation:

Eases the job of sales and marketing reps by making time-consuming tasks simple, freeing up your day for more success.

Valuable insights:

Unlock invaluable insights into customers' behavior with SalezShark's CRM software. Help your sales and marketing teams tailor pitches to better serve prospects by making use of customer data, trends, and location information.

Improved revenue:

This approach is effective as it invites painless prospecting and not only that but it also enhances the chances of sure-shot sales resulting in enhanced revenue.

Email Automation:

Unlocking the power of painless prospecting with SalezShark CRM's email automation! Get personalized messages in front of prospects who are ready to buy.

Ready-to-use templates:

Create success with CRM software! Easily customize and personalize emails for effective email campaigns, driving open & click-through rates to build stronger customer connections.

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