6 ways Marketing Automation can help you increase sales

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Published on August 4, 2021

You know the fundamentals of marketing automation: it smoothes out, automates, and screens routine marketing assignments. However, a decent marketing automation podium is about more than making life simpler for the marketing group—it ought to likewise help you win more sales deals.

Anyway, how might you take advantage of various parts of marketing automation to build deals? Look at these five tips:

Use Lead Scoring to Pass on Sales-Ready Leads

Burnt out on hearing deals whine about marketing’s unfit leads? Deciding when a prospect is sales-prepared can be troublesome, however, a powerful marketing automation tool like SalezShark Connect+ scores lead in the background.

Lead scoring is an automated system that adds or takes away focuses from each lead on moves made or not taken. It can likewise be utilized to follow segment information to give a higher score to a lead that accommodates your optimal purchaser persona. At the point when a lead arrives at a limit that you set, it is considered “sales-ready” and is gone to the sales group.

Lead scoring guarantees that your sales group doesn’t squander energy on inadequate leads. It can likewise abbreviate generally deals cycles.

Make sure your sales team is updated with the required info

Be sure your prospective customers are being circled back to with the right message by the sales group with the data they need to have the best discussion. By following the communication leads have with your organization and giving that data to deals in a simple spot, like their CRM framework, deals will actually want to have a customized and viable discussion with every business prepared lead.

Use triggered emails to keep the prospect engaged

At the point when a lead collaborates with your organization, stay top of their minds by making a big difference for the discussion. Set off messages get sent naturally dependent on a lead’s activities. They assist with transforming more leads into genuine clients without burning through your sales group’s time. For instance, if a potential client sees a pricing page, an email intended for intrigued clients can be sent.

Make better use of Lead Nurturing

In an optimal world, the leads that are prepared by the marketing group would be sales-ready. Yet, in actuality, most leads are not prepared and need some nurturing before they can be passed to the sales group.

By following the segmented lead nurturing procedure, you can give explicit substance to each interested prospect & push them to become a lead when they are prepared. Segmented lead nurturing should be possible by industry, job, or organization size.

Keep an eye on every lead on every channel

Your prospective customers are everywhere —regardless of whether they are surfing on social media, looking through the website, making a beeline for occasions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Track every communication of your leads that has with your organization regardless of any channel. This will assist with directing your message to a possibility, in view of what kinds of content your target audience is communicating with. This will assist to boost sales on the grounds that important substance is the main method to keep a lead drawing in with your organization.

Make extensive use of tools that will help you to build better customer engagement like Google/paid ads, predictive content, email personalization, and marketing automation. Make stronger lead engagement with a convenient, significant, and individual message, while likewise catching information about their commitment (or absence of commitment) with your message or content.

Don’t forget to track ROI

Doing likewise again and again expecting various outcomes won’t cut it in the present computerized world! Marketers should follow the ROI of each program they race to check whether there are substantial outcomes. An optimal ROI is 5x– means you are producing multiple times the measure of pipeline or income contrasted with what you paid to start this campaign.

By following this kind of information, you’ll realize which projects yield the best outcomes for income – and continue to run those projects and drop the ones that are not providing promising results.