4 Effective Cold Call Scripts for 2020

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Published on December 17, 2019

Cold calling is a cruel job, multiple rejections by call receivers lower down the confidence of strongest minded sales professionals. It causes a lot of mental stress that eventually affects the overall productivity of the sales rep. This is the only reason why businesses opt for a standard cold calling script to ease off the anxiety of sales reps. A cold call script is a basic necessity for sales reps. It is a great way to stay consistent and organized, but at the same time, you can’t be too scripted either. Cold call scripts can do wonder in a well-defined sales process as these scripts help sales rep in streamlining the sales effectively. At the same time, it is also important to understand that the cold call script and what you converse over the call with a client is just a piece of the puzzle. Your cold call script is based on multiple factors that your sales rep follow based on the client’s answers.

So, now the question is how to create cold call scripts that work for your sales reps and gets your desired outcome? Don’t worry; we have compiled a couple of cold call scripts to help your sales reps get started with cold calling and to empower them to close deals quickly:

Cold Call Script 1: Introduce Solutions, Schedule Demo

This cold call script will give you an idea of how to give an introduction of your company’s products and services and then schedule a demo appointment. This is one of the most common and standard cold call scripts that can be used by sales reps to schedule demos and initiate building as a strong connection with prospects. Let us have a look:

Hi (Prospect’s Name), this is (Sales Rep Name) from (Company Name), how are you?

We’re introducing some solutions that will help you to recruit and train new members of your sales and marketing team. Is that something that you would like to know more?

(Prospect says yes).

Great! We can help you in two ways as per your choice. We can help you to recruit new sales and marketing talent for a percentage of the base salary, or we can help you to train new hires of your sales and marketing team without any online virtual digital marketing training programs. These training sessions will help your new hires in knowing more about digital marketing best practices. So, which one of these would you like to know more?

(Prospect selects the option they are interested in).

Wonderful! To proceed further, I need to ask a few questions more. May I?

(Prospect says yes, and you ask pre-defined qualifying questions, so you know what aspects of your products and service to present)

Thank you for answering all the questions. Now I’ll explain to you our products and services in detail, and then we can schedule an appointment or a demo of our products before we end the call today. Does that sound good?

(Prospect says yes. Now you can start explaining the products and services in a way that generates curiosity in prospect’s mind to make an appointment or fix a demo).

Cold Call Script 2: Quick Demo Schedule

The sole purpose of this cold call script is to schedule a quick demo with a prospect in a most professional way.

Be sure you must not sound too pushy as well over the cold calling as it can foster the feeling of disinterest in the prospect’s mind. To arrange a quick demo, your cold call script should sound in a manner that shows that your sales rep value the prospect’s time by asking them to reserve a spot on their schedule while providing a brief description of your products and services. Let us have a look:

Hi (Prospect’s Name), this is (Sales Rep Name) from (Company Name), how are you?

The reason I am calling today is to get some time on your calendar. It has been observed that for the past few months, you have been hiring more sales reps to streamline sales tasks. However, your competitors are using (XYZ CRM-solution) to help their sales reps in streamlining sales activities and secure more business with ideal prospects. I think our services (Solution Name of your company) can help your sales reps in more than a single way to meet all the daily challenges and make better sales. So to start with, you can schedule a demo with us, and we would be happy to help you. Do you have time this Thursday or Friday at 1 PM IST for a demo?

Cold Call Script 3: Impromptu Demo Opener

This kind of cold call script is for those times when your sales rep doesn’t want to waste any time more by scheduling a sales call at a later date. This script also works great when your sales rep knows that this is the right time to describe products and services; otherwise, it will be delayed for a long period of time. To begin such call, your sales rep should gain the confidence of prospects by telling them how he helped prospect’s competitor in delivering desired results quickly. Then onwards, your sales rep can seek permission to continue with the description of the company’s products and services. Let us look into the script flow:

Hi (Prospect’s Name), this is (Sales Rep Name) from (Company Name). Is it a good time to talk?

(Prospect says yes)

Great! I’m sure you must be occupied with many things, and I value your time, so I’ll be brief and quick.

The reason I am calling today is that we just saved (Your Competitor) an additional amount of $XX, XXX in shipping costs. I’m sure you would like to save too on your shipping costs. If you have some time, I’d like to discuss for a few minutes to see if we could help. Do you have a few minutes more to discuss right now if I stick to a brief timetable?

Cold Call Script 4: Voicemail Script

This kind of cold call script is apt for a voicemail. When your sales rep reaches a voicemail of a prospect, then he wants to have a well prepared short script so that he can quickly move on to the next call while still keeping a chance to hear back from the prospect. Let us look into the script flow:

Hi (Prospect’s Name), this is (Sales Rep Name) from (Company Name).

The reason I am calling today is that I have a solution that could help (Your Business) to enhance the process of recruiting new hires for your IT department. We can also have a quick conversation more about your current IT hiring practices.

You can reach me at xxxxxxxxxxx (Phone No.)

Thank you.