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Converting leads into deals gets easy if you know how to track your sales operations by understanding what’s happening with your sales process in the present and what's expected to happen in the future. Gone are the days when using spreadsheets was the only option to track leads and sales opportunities. Moreover using Excel and spreadsheets come with some limitations that often result in making manual errors that restrict thorough tracking of leads and sales opportunities. Also, keep in mind all the formulas and formatting of Excel make sales tracking more complicated.

Fortunately, now with the arrival of automated sales tracking system like SalezShark CRM, you can easily get rid of formatting endless spreadsheets and track sales effectively. SalezShark sales lead tracking software enables you to keep track of your leads and quotes that are in progress and transform them into insightful and actionable reports making the process of sales tracking a cakewalk. Mostly while tracking and optimizing your sales operations you aim to speed up your sales process which can be easily done by deploying SalezShark CRM that helps you to:

  • Work on stalled deals by removing bottlenecks.
  • Make sales cycle shorter by enhancing sales velocity.
  • Track sales executives’ performance by analyzing key performance indicators.
  • Achieve a higher win rate by tracking the leads through the sales pipeline quickly.

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SalezShark sales tracking system proves to be of great help when it comes to tracking and optimizing sales. It offers some smart and real-time sales metrics that enable you to nurture leads through every sales stage. This cloud-based sales lead tracking software enables you to track lead status anytime from anywhere. It also helps you to know your sales performance which helps you to achieve sales goals in less time. Besides tracking the leads it also helps you to manage and organize your sales data accurately by offering auto-generated project analysis reports. These reports give you a bird's eye view to precisely analyze what's happening in the sales process. Let’s look into a few major sales metrics of the SalezShark sales tracking system.

img    Leaderboard

Leaderboard is one of the unique features of SalezShark CRM that not only helps you to get a pictorial view of your overall sales performance and activities performed but also if you are managing a team of sales executives then you can also track their sales performance and activities performed. These sales metrics automatically give ranking to sales executives based on the number of sales achieved. These metrics help and motivate you to stay competitive by constantly viewing your sales performance. Hence it enhances your productivity and also brings transparency to the sales team.


img    Dashboard

Another sales metric that SalezShark CRM offers you is the form of highly customizable Dashboards that helps you to get access to various sales performance reports. These reports help you to understand the sales key performance indicators through easy-to-understand graphs, charts, tables, etc. It gives a bird's eye view of your overall sales cycle entailing the number of sales won or lost that enables you to stay updated and work on future leads.


img   Activity & task

The activity and task feature of the SalezShark sales tracker software USA is nothing but a medium to enhance your sales engagement with your existing customers and leads via emails, phone calls, meetings, product demos, or any other medium. This feature helps you to schedule tasks and register every sales-related task and activity performed with a customer. Hence it enhances the lead tracking process too and helps to convert the lead into a customer quickly.


Significance of SalezShark sales
tracker software USA

SalezShark sales tracker software USA offers you a unified platform to manage all your leads and existing clients into one central space. It offers you a shared database of contacts that helps you and your sales team members to work together on leads and achieve individual and common sales goals effectively. It not only simplifies lead tracking but also you can optimize leads by nurturing them effectively via sending follow-up emails, scheduling appointments, product demos, and calls. Let us look into a few advantages of deploying the SalezShark sales tracker software.


Real-time Monitoring

SalezShark sales lead tracking software gives you access to real-time activity feeds that enable you to evaluate not only your sales performance but also your sales team members’ performance. Any sales activity performed by any sales executive gets automatically recorded into the SalezShark sales tracker software USA that enables you to monitor the sales activities on a real-time basis.


Impeccable integrations

Dialling numerous calls and sending multiple emails manually to leads on a daily basis is not an easy task. Moreover, keeping a track of all dialed calls and sent emails is also a tedious task if done manually. However, with the help of SalezShark sales lead tracking software, all of these activities can be managed from the system itself and all the activities can also be automated. Any email or call made by you gets automatically recorded into the software, which improves sales tracking entailing emails’ response times, outcomes, and following up with leads.



SalezShark is the best sales tracking software in the USA that can be easily accessed through any mobile device. It helps especially at the times when you are traveling or you are involved in any kind of fieldwork. In such a situation you can make the best use of it by feeding any sales data anytime from anywhere that enhances your productivity and saves time. Also, it helps you to track your sales campaign performances remotely.


Facilitate Decision-making

SalezShark sales lead tracking software helps you in making the right sales decisions at the right time. It offers smart data-driven insights in the form of auto-generated reports that gives a pictorial view of various sales campaigns’ performance that enable you to devise future sales strategies effectively involving forecasting sales accurately.

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