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SalezShark CRM
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Driving Seamless Customer Interactions


SalezShark CRM software in Ohio offers you a highly flexible, easy-to-use, and intuitive platform that is carefully crafted to give your business the ability to drive customer interactions seamlessly. SalezShark CRM Ohio makes every customer interaction quick, easy, and beautiful. It empowers you to:

  • Create follow-ups with customers easily by streamlining and tracking the customer data in a few clicks
  • Access the historical data of your customers to understand your customer needs in a better way
  • Ensure that not even a single deal falls through the crack by creating a useful workflow
  • Interact with customers instantly by deploying third-party integrations like chat, email, telephony, and so on
  • Access your sales & marketing campaign anytime from anywhere by using SalezShark CRM mobile-responsive interface

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Get SalezShark Lead management Ohio that is free & highly customizable.

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Automate Your Leads in a Few Clicks

  • Automate your lead management process with the power of automation offered by SalezShark CRM company in Ohio
  • Get rid of signing-in on multiple portals to capture leads and with a single sign-in on our CRM portal save your time
  • Capture & consolidate all leads coming from sources like Gmail, social media portals, and websites into the SalezShark CRM
  • Automate the tracking & distribution of leads by scoring the leads based on any filter pre-set by you

Streamline Your Contacts

  • Organize contacts under specific accounts to improve the traceability of all your contacts
  • Save your interactions made with companies as Accounts and keep all the interactions made with an individual as Contact
  • Enhance the traceability of all your contacts by keeping them under one Account i.e. the company they belong to
  • In a few clicks fetch the interactions made with and Account and Contacts

Track Sales Opportunities

  • SalezShark sales automation software in Ohio empowers you to track every sales opportunity
  • Create a strong sales funnel helps you to get a bird’s eye view of all your captured leads
  • CRM Software in Ohio arrange all your leads in a sales funnel based on their probability of conversion into paying customers
  • Never miss any lead by pay attention to your all leads together and prioritize them based on the chances of their conversion

Evaluate Expected Revenue by Forecasting Sales Accurately

  • By building action-oriented sales funnel track and prioritize your leads that eventually helps in forecasting sales accurately
  • Create an opportunity i.e. the expected amount of revenue that can be generated with any lead placed into the sales funnel. Make your sales forecasting more concrete and accurate by attaching the opportunity with every lead
  • Plan your sales strategies efficiently by evaluating the amount of possible revenue that can be generated from present leads. It is accomplished using the SalezShark lead management tool in Ohio
  • Make your sales forecasting more concrete and accurate by attaching the opportunity with every lead

Automate Daily Workflows

  • Automate your daily workflow with our CRM Ohio feature “Activity & Task Management”
  • Automate your daily tasks such as email, chat, product demo, and so on with the “Activity & Task Management” feature
  • Schedule tasks & once the task gets completed it turns into an Activity performed that improves traceability of interactions
  • Keeps a track of all customer interactions enabling you to elevate customer engagement & retention

Monitor Every Customer Interaction

  • Keep a record of all your customer interactions by integrating your chat & telephony process
  • Chat or call your customers directly from SalezShark CRM
  • Get every customer interaction record automatically for future reference
  • Our marketing automation tools Ohio save your time by driving all sorts of customer communications directly from the SalezShark CRM itself

Introduce Power of Personalization to Your Emails

  • Our marketing automation tools Ohio helps you to introduce the power of personalization to your emails
  • Personalize your email communication by using SalezShark CRM highly customized & ready-to-use email templates
  • By using the power of personalization in your email increase your emails’ open rate, click rate, & subscribe rate
  • Automate your email marketing process enabling you to draft and drive email campaigns in a few clicks

Make Reporting Simple by Accessing Real-Time Reports

  • Access auto-generated, real-time reports entailing the performance details of your sales, marketing, & business activities
  • Make reporting simple by accessing these real-time reports which are in the form of tables, charts & graphs
  • Access all sorts of reports in a few clicks making you ready for presentation quickly and present them effectively

Evaluate Employees’ Performance

  • SalezShark CRM software in Ohio offers you a Leaderboard feature that helps you to motivate your employees
  • Enhance the competitive spirit among your employees by displaying their performance on a Leaderboard
  • Track & record your employee’s performance & display that on the interface enhancing transparency among teams

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